The game that could have been. Knowing it’s been over five years since the last edition of NCAAF came out, I have lost some sleep. While the last edition doesn’t have the kind of graphics that Madden or 2K has, it is still probably one of the most played sports games out there. Specifically, the Dynasty mode that always seems fresh thanks to the heroes who create the rosters for each new year. So the question is, if NCAAF 19 came out today, who would be the best teams to do a rebuild with in Dynasty mode?

5. Kansas

This team is the equivalent of the Browns in Madden. You pick any year and they would more than likely be a good choice for a rebuild. This will also probably be the toughest as they are in the Big 12 and will have to go against powerhouse Oklahoma, as well as other consistently good teams like Oklahoma State and TCU.  While this is one team that I’m pretty sure 99.9% of NCAAF users have tried to rebuild, it’s still a good one to do.


The Miners were the only team in the FBS to go winless in 2017. That is already tough enough, but you also lost your best lineman, Will Hernandez, in the NFL Draft. Recruiting will also be very tough as UTEP is in Texas where they have to compete with already established teams like Texas, Texas A&M, Houston, TCU, Texas Tech, and Baylor. That’s not even including powerhouse colleges from out of state that pull away recruits from Texas like Alabama, Oklahoma, Auburn, Florida State, Florida, etc. If you do use this team, you have to find recruits who prioritize playing time over everything else.

3. Charlotte

Now we are on the teams that did not exist the last time an NCAAF game was made. Only three short years into its FBS existence, Charlotte is a team really built from nothing. With only a record of 7-29 all-time at this level and no real prospects that make an impact, this could arguably be the toughest rebuild as you have no pipelines, history, or traditions. Charlotte is really just seen as a tune-up game for even the worst of schools.

2. Coastal Carolina

Another new FBS team, Coastal Carolina just played its inaugural season in the Sun Belt league after finishing its FCS era winning at least 10 games in three out of four years. It will be an uphill battle with the Chanticleers as they are currently fish out of water. To be honest, the reason why I like this one is because their uniforms are really cool. The challenges they face are really the same as UTEP and Charlotte.

1. Georgia Southern

The reason why Georgia Southern tops this list is because of their recent history and how it can make a great story. It starts off with their signature win over Florida at the swamp in 2013, which was their last game as a FCS school. They then joined the Sun Belt where they won nine games each in their first two years as an FBS school. No matter how you spin it, that’s very good for a new team in the FBS. However, it all came crashing down as they only won five games in 2016 before falling to 2-10 last year. This rebuild will be the comeback story for them. Also, trying to master the triple option has always been something I wanted to do, so that would be another challenge if you choose this team.

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