What was potentially the best Saturday of the college football season is now over and many of the games ended in fairly decisive fashion. One of those, Miami’s 33 point win over Notre Dame, was predicted by our very own Clemson Carl. Surprisingly, the closest game out of the matchups that had Playoff implications was Alabama’s touchdown victory in the fourth quarter over Mississippi State. At times, there was so much going on I honestly didn’t even know what to watch. Luckily, there were tweets to help me focus my thoughts and sort everything out. Here are some of my favorites.

There are a lot of very cool things defensive coaches do for their players after they force a turnover. Mississippi State was rocking their bike chain this weekend. Miami’s turnover chain was passed around four times for the second week in a row (absurd stat).

But none of that compares to this. Kennesaw State, who I couldn’t have cared less about as recently as four days ago, is now one of my favorite teams in the nation thanks to their turnover plank. Anything that makes me think of my childhood is automatically endearing, so seeing a college football team using Ed, Edd and Eddy to motivate their defensive players is just perfection. They even dressed him up! The plank is dressed to kill and I hope Kennesaw State wins every game for their rest of forever.

Braxton Berrios is the man

Imagine someone welcoming you sliding into their DM’s, never mind asking for it. Thus is the life of the college athlete. In the meantime, I will continue to send ill-advised snapchats after 1 am and hope it was at least normal relative to one of Donald Trump’s tweets.

Then in game, he goes out, catches a touchdown and makes a play on the Catholics vs. Convicts mantra. The sports world needs more of this. Villains need to embrace the fact they are villains. Grayson Allen needs to wear the mask that has been put on him and be the worst dude in hoops. Berrios is owning Miami’s perception and turning it into a baller-ass touchdown celebration.

Butch Jones got fired after a loss at the hands of suddenly not that shitty Missouri. Fucking. Finally. Maybe now we can stop being a Butch Jones blog and get back to talking about the positive aspects of college football.

Regardless of our direction following losing our number one topic of articles, the Tennessee job will still garner a lot of media attention. The rumor for a while now has been John Gruden. This will not happen. I refuse to believe it is even possible for me to lose one of my main sources of joy about the NFL. I already don’t get to watch Rodgers for half a season, don’t take Gruden out of the booth. The rumors will still swirl, though.



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