Everybody’s favorite series is back. Who am I kidding every series I do is your favorite series. Nonetheless let me tell what happened over the last few weeks even though you already know what happened. If you want more of my thoughts just go to www.buckthoughts.gov.www/buckthoughts. Should open as a word document.

Kelly Bryant Transfers

The absolute hottest debate in college football right. Of course everyone has a rock solid opinion that’ll change no matter what any outside opinion says. Yet, I will still give my opinion.

For the not smart people who think Kelly Bryant should stay loyal and stick with Clemson, why should he? Last time I checked this was America and he has the freedom to transfer if he wants to. Sure some players stay with the program no matter what and that’s a cool thing. However some are trying to make the NFL and get that bag, which is a cool thing too as most of us don’t get to do that.

Next I have one question for the not smart people who think was Dabo was wrong for benching Bryant, and the former/current college players that said Bryant “did nothing to lose the starting job”, did actually watch any Clemson games? I can’t believe I have to spell this out for players who have made it to the collegiate level and a elite one at that. Football is all performance based. There are some who think that just because Clemson went 16-2 with Bryant that he doesn’t deserve to lose his job. Those people are wrong. The reason why Clemson went 16-2 with Bryant as a starter was because they have elite everything. Bryant as an individual was extremely underwhelming.

The point of the matter is when Lawrence was in the offense was better. So if Lawrence is better right now, can improve from where is right now, and be a part of Clemson long term, why not start him over the guy who only has 8-10 games left in his college career? In fact, Dabo did Bryant a favor by picking Lawrence as the starter at week 4, giving Bryant a chance to hang on to that one year of eligibility and play elsewhere.

Kentucky is good at football?

Alright off my rant. Now we go the head scratcher. They beat Florida for the first time since 1986, and they go 3-0 in conference play for first time since 1977. Things are getting weird in Kentucky. It is a good change, but we will see how long it will last. They do have to take on Texas A&M on the road and are currently underdogs according to Vegas. Texas A&M might be 3-2, but remember their only losses where to Alabama and Clemson who are arguably the top 2 teams in the nation. Kentucky also has to face Heisman hopeful Drew Lock at Mizzou, and then play Georgia as well. So things could get interesting or they could fall back to reality in a few weeks. Only time will tell.

Are the overrated teams no longer overrated?

When I think overrated there are four teams that usually come to mind: Notre Dame, LSU, Texas, and Michigan. Lets see how those teams are doing.

Notre Dame-  Absolutely manhandled Stanford, and have finally seemed to find a decent QB to help them not lose games. Currently 5-0 and there toughest challenges left this season is Syracuse–maybe an actual challenge–and a team that lost to Old Dominion by 14.

Michigan- They still might be overrated, but their only loss is to the team above. They still have to play Wisconsin, Michigan State, Penn State, and Ohio State so it will probably go down really fast. For right now though they are proving people wrong.

LSU- They already have two Top-10 wins beating Auburn and Miami away from home. Their next three games are against ranked opponents. Playing Florida this week, Georgia next week, and Alabama two weeks after that. With this kind of schedule they could easily be No.1 in a month or be unranked in a month.

Texas- Is…is Texas back? Well after their annual disappointment loss they have rattled off four straight wins. The first time that’s happened since 2013. Yes that is correct. Much like Michigan that could all end soon as they still have to play Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, and Texas Tech. But for now, TEXAS IS BACK, FOLKS!

Week 6 Watch

No.5 LSU vs No.22 Florida: LSU -2.0

FSU vs No.17 Miami: Miami -13.5

No.13 Kentucky vs Texas A&M: TAMU -6.0

No.19 Texas vs No.7 Oklahoma: OU -8.0

Boston College vs No.23 North Carolina State: NCSU -5.0

No.8 Auburn vs Mississippi State: Aub -3.5

No.6 Notre Dame vs No.24 Virginia Tech: ND -6.0

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