As Kevin Durant’s twitter incident is now at the forefront of the sports world’s attention, we take a look at some coaches that we think would be most likely to have their own burner accounts.

Lane Kiffin: 

Kiffin was the first coach that came to mind when I was asked the question on who would be the coach most likely to do this. As we all know, Lane has one of the most charismatic personalities in the College Football world. He is also one to always defend himself. Good Ole’ Joey Freshwater definitely has an extra account or two to slide in those DMs.

Mike Gundy:

As we all remember, Mike Gundy is a man, and he will always step in to see that all his players are defended. With that being said, he would most certainly use a burner account to not only stick up for himself, but for his entire team as well. Let’s not forget that he would probably use it to hype up the mullet, although personally the mullet does not need any hyping as it is one of the most majestic things you’ll ever see. In fact, the mullet may even have its own Twitter account.

Jim Harbaugh:

As having one of the loudest personalities in college football, there is no doubt in my mind that Jim would have a burner. He would post things along the lines of why Michigan isn’t little brother to Ohio State, or as to why he is an amazing coach.

Mike Leach:

Already one of the most flamboyant coaches in all the land, Leach rounds out the list of coaches. Leach, who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, would promote his Cougars like there was no tomorrow, and he would most certainly have a few things to say about his opponents.

Baker Mayfield: 

The only player that will make a cameo here: Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield. Baker is the one player that probably already does have some burner twitters. He for sure used them after he planted the Oklahoma flag in The Shoe to defend himself.  Although, we were all disappointed to see him apologize in public.

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