The Campus Cover (@TheCampusCover) is your primary source of College betting action. Hosted by PJ Guippone (@pjguip1) and Cody Goggin (@CodyGoggin), this podcast will give you picks of the week and previews of the best college action, whether on the court or the gridiron.

This week, join us under the cover as we go back in time and talk about all the takes we made at the beginning of the season and how wrong we were.

Things we cover

  • PJ as the posterchild of mediocrity (3:21)
  • Cody is a nerd (3:50)
  • more PJ self-loathing
  • reminiscing of the glory days (5:11)
  • dream sport to play (6:47)
  • Cody with score stuff and bragging about being right about hitting unders for some reason (8:18)
  • finals bullshit (10:50)
  • Student Union weightloss challenge (13:48)
  • betting for pride (15:29)
  • Funny Matt Rhule news (15:58)
  • PJ rant about college coaching (17:00)
  • Trivia Time (19:54)
  • Internet communities, PJ fucks up a 4chan reference (22:20)
  • Actually getting on track and covering our preseason predictions (26:42)

Please Note: PJ recorded this episode from the inside of a cave. Please ignore the echo at parts.

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