Has there ever been a time where I’ve been actually cheering for an Alabama team to win? There has only been one such case, and that was the 2017 Iron Bowl. You want to know how that end result went for me? Well I’m going to tell you anyway, it has made me never want to cheer for another SEC team ever again. Now that my rant is over, let’s go see why they’ll somehow make it in.

The Case For– They Dominated

Look, it’s nothing new to say that Alabama dominated through the regular season. This season alone, the Tide have outscored their opponents 469-138, for a scoring differential of +331. Now don’t get me wrong, Jalen Hurts is a talented guy. According to our guy Cody Goggin, in his QB WAR (Wins Above Replacement)  for the SEC, Jalen Hurts is only behind Jarrett Stidham, the stud from Auburn. We had this discussion in our StudentU slack chat, but the QB position at Alabama is just a fill-in spot. My grandma, who is a huge Bama fan, could get the Tide into a New Year’s 6 game. Saban has been dominant since his return to the SEC, and he’s been a force on the national stage.

The Case Against- Scheduling

They haven’t really played anyone. The only top 15 team they played they lost to. If any team should be feeling like they are on the outside looking in it should be the Tide. Now that Fresno St and Miss. St are ranked, they have played three top 25 teams. That isn’t a whole lot for a team that is tabbed to be the “best.” I’m not saying that I don’t think they aren’t, they are by far one of the four best teams in the country, however, they don’t have the wins to back it up. Of the top two teams in the top ten they played during the regular season, one ended the season at 5-6, and the other is the number 2 ranked team for the playoff.

Do They Get In?

Yes, they may not have any marquee games yet this season, but they have only lost to the hottest team in the country just last week. Alabama has absolutely mutilated everyone in their path other than Auburn. Though their loss came at a bad time, Alabama shouldn’t get discredited.

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