The Case For- Big Wins

This team started off the year ranked #12 and have they worked their way up. They’ve had some stumbles, sure, but Auburn has carved its way into the playoff picture by beating the likes of Georgia (potentially twice), and Alabama all at the right time. They are one of the hottest teams in the country right now, and at this point any team would want to avoid this mixture of attacking poise and defensive grit.

The Case Against- Number of Losses

If they lose to Georgia this weekend, they have to be out since that will be their THIRD loss of the year. If they win however, they still will have two losses with one of those coming from a mediocre LSU team. This will be one of the committee’s tougher choices with putting in a two loss team, which is something they have never done.

Do They Get In?

There are only one of two scenarios for Auburn. A) They beat Georgia, win the SEC, and get into the Playoff. OR B) they lose and miss the playoff entirely because there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY a three loss team makes it to the Playoff. The scenario I see playing out the most realistically is A. Auburn is playing at a different level compared to the field, and that is why they will be in the Playoff.

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