As we roll on with why one team should be in over the other, I’m going to take my unprofessional, very bad takes, and try to put my spin on why every team that people are talking about should or shouldn’t be in.

The Case For- The Wins 

The Tigers have beaten FIVE ranked teams (those being when they played) AUBURN, Louisville, Virginia Tech, North Carolina State, and South Carolina, with the possibility to add another team to the list with their game against Miami this weekend. Those wins are the reason that they find themselves at #1 heading into Champ Week. Though some of those wins don’t necessarily mean much now, at the time they were big games, and so the committee is still seeing them that way.

The Case Against- Untimely loss(es)

Clemson only has one real blemish on their resume, and that blemish looks a little like an Orange… Okay it is an Orange. That loss to Syracuse will really come back to hurt the Tigers if they lose to Miami this week. That will put them in the mix of the Ohio State, Bama, and Wisconsin, just to name a few. And at this rate does anyone really have any clue on who is actually getting in or not?

Will They Get In?

Yes, Clemson is one of the grittiest teams in the country and Miami is playing away from home, where they have been outstanding for most of their games. Clemson’s defense leads the way for another ACC title, and another playoff birth.

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