Miami is in one of those games where you feel like if they win they’re in. This game has a lot of implications not only for The U, but for four other teams as well.

The Case For- Winning

The Case for the Canes is quite simple, they’ve won. There aren’t many numbers that stand out for them, they’re ranked 43rd in offensive PPG and 15th in defensive PPG. The real reason for being Playoff worthy is the confidence that they play with. The turnover chain has brought life to the Hurricanes, the past couple seasons they have improved. I do not think that there was much conversation about them combined the past four years than they have this year. The one standout that instantly comes to mind is the beat down they put on the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. That was a huge turnaround in their season.

The Case Against- Schedule

There is only one issue with Miami, their schedule. Today will only be their third game against a ranked team. Not only does their schedule give them a slate against unranked teams, their loss to Pittsburgh drastically hurt their chances to get into the playoff. It will be very interesting to see how they come out to play today against #1 Clemson tonight after that loss.

Will They Get In?

No. Kelly Bryant and Clemson takes advantage of a sluggish team that is still mourning their loss to Pitt. Miami goes back to being the same mediocre team that we are used to. I’m not saying that this will all come true, but this is what I expect out of a program that hasn’t been a huge part of the national picture in recent years.

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