Wisconsin may be one of the easiest teams to define this year in terms of their contention. If they win this Saturday, they punch their ticket into the playoff, but if they lose, they’re out. As simple as that, but this Saturday isn’t only big for them, it’s big for the hopes of other teams that are vying for that third and fourth playoff spot.

The Case For- They’re Undefeated.

There aren’t many other reasons why they’re being considered other than the fact that they haven’t lost a game yet this year. Granted, it is extremely hard to have a perfect season in any sport, so I give the Badgers props for that but they haven’t played very many challenging teams, which leads me to.

The Case Against- Who Have They Played?

Wisconsin’s biggest issue is their schedule. If they lose to Ohio State this weekend, the undefeated season will have been for nothing. Some of this isn’t their fault. The Big Ten West is one of the sorriest P5 divisions in college football. On the other hand, they haven’t exactly gone out of their way to schedule other P5 teams, for example they haven’t won a meaningful game since they beat Florida Atlantic and the Lane Train the second week of the season.

Do They Get In?

No, with a loss to Ohio State this weekend, the Badgers miss out on the playoff and they settle with losing when they needed a win the most.

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