Community College Correspondent Picks: Currently +2 Four Lokos

So last week I introduced you to my main man Matty Ice, AKA one of the hottest College Football Handicappers in the game. If you need a quick refresher, the legend of Matty Ice can be read here. If you tailed his picks last week then you should be up at least two betting units (or in Matty’s case, Four Lokos). If you happened to miss out on those picks, no worries, the Malt Liquor Maestro is back with another free pick for Thursday night’s Gasparilla Bowl which pits the Temple Owls against the FIU Panthers. Below is the inside information Matty was kind enough to send me earlier this morning. I’m relaying what he said word for word, so my apologies in advance if anyone finds themselves offended by my man’s vulgar language.  Oh yeah… He also asked that I give him a WWE-esque intro…So here goes nothing.

LAAAAADYS AND GENTLEMAN, BOYS AND GIRLS, CHILDREN OF ALL AGES! Student Union Sports Proudly Presents to you, The One and Only, MONEY LINE PICKING, MALT LIQUOR DRINKING, BOOKIE DEBT SHRINKING SON OF A GUN!!! The Community College Correspondent, Matty Ice. 

Whats going on team!? Shout out to Liam for the nice introduction…You really shouldn’t have! Anyways, lets get down to what makes the world go round: Money. If you tailed last week we went 2-1, but luckily we hit our 2 Unit Loko Pick, which allowed us to finish with a balance of +2 Four Lokos. But don’t worry ladies and gentleman, that was only the pregame, and I plan to get us a lot more fucked up with my picks this bowl season. So lets get right into my Free Community College Correspondent Pick of the Day hombres. 

Gasparilla Bowl Pick: FIU +6.5  (1 Four Loko*) (12/21, 8pm ET)

First off, what the fuck is the Gasparilla Bowl? I always thought Gasparilla was some sort of booze-fueled pirate fest in Florida, but apparently it’s now also the name of a mediocre bowl game. If its anything like the festival, then consider my picks your buried treasure. Also feel free to get fucked up while watching, that always gives the game an extra edge…

The fact that the game is being played in Florida makes me a huge fan of FIU at first glance. On paper both teams are stacked up pretty evenly…But FIU does has one key advantage: red zone scoring. The FIU Panthers surprisingly rank first in red zone scoring percentage across the whole NCAA.

On the other end of the field, FIU is known to let up big plays, but their defense has still had success when backed up past their own 30 yard line. Anyways, lets just go ahead and face the facts, with Thursday night football gone, we’re all itching to bet on this game. So, if you choose to do so (which I strongly recommend), you should tail your boy, hit FIU +7 and win yourself some extra Loko funds.

Lets ride – Matty Ice


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