The Man. The Myth. The Legend. The Conspiracy?

Within the past week, Johnny Manziel has come back into the media light in surprisingly a good way. He said he has become sober and is ready to make life changes. He told everyone he hated how he was in 2016 and that in 2017 everyone will see him change during his #ComebackSZN. Meaning he is promising people that he is going to try to return to the NFL.

So far he has been non-stop on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat promoting his “new-self” and showing himself working out while calling out his haters at the same time. Today, he decided to change up his routine and give some advice to Donald Trump, America’s new Commander in Chief. He tweeted at the POTUS saying to forget the haters in his mentions and focus on important things. Surprisingly, this is actually very good advice from Johnny that everyone should probably follow (Specially the President of the United States). The media could not control themselves because two of the most over talked/over diagnosed people were communicating on twitter, Dozens of stories were written not long after Johnny Tweeted at the POTUS. That is when things get interesting…No more than 2 hours after Johnny tweeted at Trump, he deleted his twitter.

Which got me thinking. Could this be a bigger story than just a 24 year old deleting his twitter to concentrate on other things? Or could this be a big conspiracy theory from the new family of the White House or other powers? Here is what we know to be true:

1. Johnny Tweeted at the POTUS at 1:32 PM
2. Johnny’s Last tweet was a response to TexAgs
3. Around 2:49 Johnny’s twitter was deleted
4. Johnny was at the Patriots game last night wearing a Tom Brady Jersey

So the real question is how do these all relate to each other? Did Trump not like Johnny’s tweet and got him “Fired” or is Trump secretly trying to get Johnny back into the NFL?

The funny thing is, this is not the first time these two people have interacted on Twitter. Donald Tweeted out his support of Johnny before. This has me to believe that Donald is currently trying to get Johnny to the White House so they can work together. Trump has some big connections in the NFL as he was an owner of a USFL team back in the day. Trump has a relationship with Robert Kraft, the Patriots owner who could possibly help Johnny. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady both supported Trump during his campaign. Johnny was at the Patriots game last night cheering for the Patriots. Tom Brady is 39 years old and will retire soon. Belichick is one of the greatest coaches of all time and can create a good football player out of anyone. Johnny is only 24 years old and will need a few years to get back into NFL shape. YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP.

I believe that Trump and Johnny are now working together in order to get Johnny back into the NFL. Trump will talk to Kraft since they are old buddies and convince him to sign Johnny during their trip to the White House after they win the Super Bowl. Tom will take Johnny under his wing his last few years in the NFL and Belichick will have his new franchise QB after Tom retires.

You heard it here first ladies and gentleman. Johnny and Trump are now Making America Great Again by getting him back into the NFL.