Every year we hear about Bama having top tier recruits and the best coaching in all of CFB. With that, some people will always ask the stupid, yet intriguing question…

“Could Alabama beat an NFL Team?”

The past few seasons, Bama has looked like a freight train, while teams in the NFL (Browns, Bills, Giants, etc.) look like they couldn’t even beat Illinois or Rutger, So, I have decided to take an “in-depth” look at the 2018 Alabama team and the 2018 Bills team (they are the worst team at this point of the season) and compare them position by position and decided an outcome.


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Winner: Bama

Ever since Tua took over during the National Championship, he has been lights out and hasn’t missed a step yet. If he keeps playing at the caliber that he is at, he will be a top NFL Draft Pick. The Bills have either Josh Allen, Derek Anderson, or Nate Peterman as their starter….so there’s that.


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Winner: Bills

LeSean McCoy was one of the most dominant RB’s a few years ago in the league and still is to this date. He has taken a few steps back from his days in Philly, but he still can put up elite numbers and look like an All-Pro at times. Bama has Damien Harris this season as the star tailback, and while he is dominant, McCoy still gets the nod on this one.


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Winner: Bills

Yes, Bama has more explosive looking WR’s and TE’s, but that is all because of 2 things:

  1. The teams they play
  2. They have Tua

The Bills WR/TE Core has been able to still look professional with the QBs that they have throwing to them, so they get the nod, Plus, Kelvin is only a “Popeyes Biscuit away from being a TE”


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Winner: Bama

Bama’s O-Line looks like a modern day Berlin Wall. The Bills are also a strong O-Line, but have struggled to keep the Q’s off their backs all season long and sometimes struggle to help out McCoy in the run game.


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Winner: Draw

Both teams have their strengths and weakness within this group. Bills have some struggles with their End’s while this season, Bama hasn’t been as strong with Tackles, so both teams get a mark for this one. However, each team does have an star, with Bills have Williams and Bama having… Williams?


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Winner: Bills

2 people give Buffalo the nod in this one. Shaq Lawson and Treamine Edwards. Two Physical and dominant LBs and would be able to lock down both Harris and Tua on the Run. Bama always has great LBs but Buffalo shines even more.


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Winner: Bills

Once again, the Bills by far have the better defense than Bama, and it shows in the secondary.  Tre’Davious White is the powerhouse who would show out and carries this secondary through thick and thin. (mostly thick).

Special Teams

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Winner: Bills

Bama in the past few seasons had one of the best punters in J.K Scott, but could NEVER and I mean NEVER get a solid kicker. The Bills had some solidarity at kicker, but ended with Stephen Hauschka at the postion.


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Winner: Bama


Outcome of the Game: Bills Win 38-17

Bama is by far an amazing team and could stand toe to toe with the Bills, but what really sets them apart is the defense. The Bills would overpower Bama in every way and would shown once and for all that an NFL would not lose to the Crimson Tide….unless they went 0-16 twice in a row, then maybe.

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