I’m not really in bed, but there were some thoughts that I wanted to share that we had discussed in our Slack channel. The discussion we were having was that of, “Who is the best head coach?” A lot of the discussion was that of Nick Saban and Jim Harbaugh. Our writers Fur and Clemson Carl were debating on whether or not Nick Saban was truly the best coach in college football.

At this point, it’s hard to disagree that Saban isn’t, but is he truly the best COACH? As Boss Man Brandon said, “It is tough at times do decipher how good Xs and Os Saban is because he has such a huge talent advantage almost every game they play.” I honestly think it’s pretty easy to see how good a coach is, sometimes it’s not always about Xs and Os, but sometimes it’s about putting your players in the best places to succeed. 

It is hard to judge though as Bama has had some of the most athletic and dominating teams in recent memory. He, however, is recruiting these players, and he is getting these players to come to Tuscaloosa by promising one thing: championships. I think there are only a few coaches who we can put on the same tier as Saban, and after recent events, I don’t even want to put Urban Meyer on here. Dabo Swinney is probably the closest person to compete with Nick, and that is kind of premature as he hasn’t had near the career length that Coach Saban has had in the college football world.

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