I’m sorry for the couple of weeks off, my fellow companions. I’m just now getting into the flow of things again, so I figured that I’d pump out some content while I can’t sleep.

If any of you follow us on Snapchat (@studentusports), then you saw how much I was struggling with the fact that I was in the stands for Iowa 2.0 this year. Not only did Ohio State lose, Purdue absolutely sucked the soul out of the Buckeyes.

This is a great stat:

The Ohio State Buckeyes have lost 3 games by 29+ pts since the last time UCF Football lost a game.

Thoughts @KirkHerbstreit?#WinningMatters #20StraightWins— UCFSportsInfo (@UCFSportsInfo) October 21, 2018

It seems as if Ohio State just gave up towards the end of the game, and where some people see being down as much as 29, but if you plan on coming to a school like Ohio State, you best be ready to play all 60 minutes that are on the clock. 

Every year since the loss to Penn State, after that game the Buckeyes seem to hit some low point to where they play teams extremely close, and then eventually lose a game. Last season, we saw the loss to Iowa, and then yesterday Purdue just killed any dreams of what could’ve been a B1G championship berth.

I’m not saying that they are out entirely, but this loss feels eerily similar to the loss last season that had knocked them out of the Playoff. 

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