Another week, another step closer to the Big Ten becoming like the Pac 12 after a laughably dismal showing. Ohio State was one of the few bright spots this week, along with Penn State.

The B1G has officially been named the host of the worst team in College Football, as Rutger lost the Toilet Bowl to Kansas by a MILE. Maryland didn’t show up and lost to Temple 38-14. Northwestern and Purdue lost close ones, with the former losing to MAC school Akron while the latter lost to SEC opponent Mizzou. Troy came into Lincoln and beat up on Nebraska, and Illinois lost to USF.

For a B1G homer, this weekend was very difficult to watch. Especially knowing so many SEC fans, the B1G West has been dreadful to watch, as it has turned to a two-horse race with Wisconsin and Iowa. The East has sort of turned into a two horse race as well between Penn State and Ohio State.

Hopefully the competition starts to step up as we start to get into conference play. 

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