After the news out of Vanderbilt that athletic director David Williams would be resigning, Clay Travis dropped into the conversation with an absurd suggestion for the university’s next man up: Jay. F***ing. Cutler.

Yes. PLEASE yes. Pump it into my veins.

Quarterback extraordinaire Jay Cutler enjoyed a successful career at Vandy, which led to an impressive tenure in the NFL. Previously holding the starting job for the Broncos, Bears and Dolphins, he’s still waiting on that next call, but in the meantime, the rest of us have been blessed with his entrance into the reality television world, stealing the spotlight on Very Cavallari, the new hit reality show following the life of fashion designer and Cutler’s wife, Kristen Cavallari.

This clip comes courtesy of @_MarcusD2_ on Twitter, but his account has since been suspended. Definitely worth the follow for sports gifs and videos. Follow his new account @Someone20241575

Add together the excitement level that Cutler brings to the table, his celebrity, pair it with the fact that he’s an alum of the university and it all equals one perfect fit. Imagine Very Cavallari with Jay running an entire school’s athletic department. Cutler having lunches on a daily basis with donors to the program trying to convince them to invest more of their money for a chance to move their season tickets three rows closer. Electric capabilities.

Is Jay capable of carrying out the duties of AD?

His drive for success is higher than ever…

He’s a finance-genius, only spending his money on items of absolute necessity…

Can he handle the long and grueling hours of the position? maybe not…

But is there anybody better for the job?

That’s enough to convince me!

I was heartbroken when I didn’t get the Pitt men’s basketball head coaching position…

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…but if I can do anything to get Jay Cutler the top position in Vanderbilt’s athletic department, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

So I beg of you, Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos, do the right thing and bring Jay home.

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