As you sit in your Thursday afternoon Principles of Microeconomics class scrolling monotonous websites to kill the time, I’m sure you usually end up on your favorite sports website (hopefully that one of those is Student Union).  On whatever source of sports media you fall upon that afternoon, you usually notice that everyone has been blessed by the Football Gods above with college football on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

With all of this football comes the opportunity to capitalize on games like Buffalo @ Ball State on a beautiful Thursday night. Although you have absolutely no idea where either of these school are physically on a map, you are still willing to wager your hard earned money on the outcome of that game because, frankly, you are a degenerate.  As a fellow degenerate, I’ve traveled down some slippery slopes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, and I am here to guide you through the dark tunnel that has just a smidge of light at the end.

This is your guide to weekday college football gambling.

The first key to weekday gambling is to actually do some research before picking what MAC team you are willing to put half your campus-job paycheck on.  Just a simple look at the last 5 games played by each team, maybe a peek at each team’s points per game and points against per game. These two stats will actually tell you a decent amount of information on how the teams have been playing not just lately, but over the entire season.

Another area of pure untapped knowledge is actually in the comments section at the very bottom of the summary page.  Here we find the die-hard fans that come out of the woodwork to give their 2 cents worth of knowledge on their beloved Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders.  Although biased, the people who actually comment on the matchups before the actual game have most likely watched every game from kickoff to victory formation.  They know a lot about their team and when both sides of the matchup are commenting, you can pick up usually who has been hot and who has not.

Lastly, it never hurts to check out the public consensus picks on various websites.  There are plenty of handicapping and odds making websites that provide the public consensus pick.  Anything above 65% is usually a relatively safe bet if you have absolutely no idea who to pick.

Weekday Degenerate Pick of the Week

USF -22.5 vs. Tulsa

I usually hate big lines, but South Florida can put up points and all Tulsa does is give up points.  Tulsa is 1-4 in their last 5.  In those losses they have given up 161 points, that’s an average of 40 points per loss.  A recipe for a South Florida cover at home.


P.S. Lets go Badgers


P.P.S. Roll Toms


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Jeff knight

Wtf these picks are bogus

PJ Guippone

It’s one pick, mate. Also it’s one you should probably take