After another win last week from the Knights of West Point on Veteran’s Day Weekend, I decided to switch it up a bit this week. Is my system broken? no, but I am only a man and I get bored sometimes. Also, the internet is a beautiful place filled with wonder and joy (and some weird stuff, too but we don’t talk about that). So, I have made a decision to make this an internet based episode of El Pollo. Some of the best internet content being used to make underdog picks. You’re welcome.

Also, please note. The bowl eligible UAB Blazers travel to Gainesville this week to face the floundering Florida Gators. UAB is a 10.5 point underdog on this game. Take out a mortgage. Rob a bank. Get your hands on every cent possible and bet it on the Blazers. They will probably win, but they will absolutely cover.

Hawaii Double Rainbow Warriors

This video gives me a level of joy I cannot even describe. This is basically troops coming home and surprising their kids or any dog video fantastic. This man’s unbridled joy at the beauty of nature is fantastic. Also, as I write this, it is under 40 degrees and pouring in Philadelphia, so I am dreaming about double rainbows. Hawaii over Utah State by a million.

Johnny Manziel balls out

I don’t know if we are far enough removed from the trainwreck that is Johnny Manziel’s football career to comment on how cool some of the stuff he is, but I want to bring that to light. I mean come the fuck on. This dude partied with Floyd and pre-weird church Bieber. Yeah of course it derailed a somewhat kinda sorta promising NFL career. Every college kid wants this for at least one night. Maybe minus all the blow and other bad things, but the party of it. He got to do it for basically his entire life. That’s Tyrese! Tyrese is so cool. Take A&M this weekend against Ole Miss.

P.S. Johnny I hope you’re getting your life together

Breaking tone

Alright this is breaking tone a bit, but this news is just too big. Today, Vanderbilt got a commitment from five-star point guard Darius Garland. This is huge. The SEC is currently in an upward trend of recruiting in an attempt for the league to catch up with Kentucky and now Vandy is getting in on the mix.

This week, Vanderbilt will take up some of the great stuff going on in the athletic department and get their first SEC win against suddenly not shitty Missouri.


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