By Ryan Plugge | Texas A&M

The Texas A&M football team had been very traditional with the maroon and white jerseys throughout it’s history. They would occasionally add grey pants into the equation, but it was typically just the school colors. Along with many other things, the jerseys changed in 2012 when we the Aggies joined the SEC. Just as the schedule changed drastically, so did the variance in uniform combinations.  Black, grey, and the new all “icy” whites were brought out during the post-Big 12 years.

The Aggies also have one of the more lucrative deals when it comes to their uniforms. In 2015, Adidas gave $7.1 million to the university for exclusive rights to produce their uniforms. This was a huge deal for the program. It was also a huge deal for Aggie fans, who have now become very vocal about their views on all the new uniforms the Aggies use. Many fans love the new look with all the flash and swag the jerseys have, while there are still the traditionalists who complain when anything other than the maroon and white combos are worn. Those traditionalists believe they are too big of a distraction, while others believe fresh uniform combinations get the players hyped, while also providing a good recruiting tool. Many people, including me, are just superstitious about it. As long as A&M wins, everyone is enjoying what we wear, but the second a loss occurs, some people always call for a stop to the alternate uniforms. It does get entertaining, though, during game weeks when the Texas A&M football Instagram and Twitter accounts will give out little hints of what jerseys are going to be worn that Saturday. I have always personally followed the theory that if you look good, you play good, so I usually welcome the new combinations so long as they still represent Texas A&M.

Fashion 101: Texas A&M FootballMost Memorable Uniforms: This would have to be the all-white look the Aggies pulled out when they played Alabama in 2012 on the road. The uniform soon became known as the “icy whites.” It became the signature look of that season, especially after upsetting the number 1 team in the country 31-28 in Tuscaloosa. The Aggies also wore the “icy whites” against Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl that year.  It was a game in which Johnny Manziel broke the Cotton Bowl total yard record and resulted in a 41-13 thrashing of the Sooners.

Fashion 101: Texas A&M FootballBest Uniforms: Texas A&M’s best uniforms have to be one of the classic looks. Yes, they have had some really cool alternative uniforms over the past few years, but sometimes it’s hard to beat what’s been around forever. My favorite look would have to be the road jersey combo of the maroon helmet, white jersey, and maroon pants. This is the traditional look for road games and, since 2012, Kevin Sumlin’s first year as head coach and first year in the SEC, this jersey combo is a perfect 8-0. But as a result of the road win at Alabama with the “icy whites,” this combination is not worn as often. In fact, we did not even get to see this uniform combination in 2015.

Fashion 101: Texas A&M FootballWorst Uniforms:  This uniform combo was used in 2013, on the road against LSU and it will most likely never be used again. The all grey jerseys and pants with the helmet that started out maroon and slowly turned to grey with the state of Texas logo behind the block ATM was a new and awesome look. Texas A&M were currently ranked in the top 10, while playing a top 20 LSU team. Let’s just say things did not go quite as well as the Aggies planned. LSU shut down a banged up Manziel and the Aggie defense could not stop the Tiger offense. They ended up losing 34-10 and even though these could have been the coolest jerseys in Aggie football history, we will never see them again due to the outcome of this game. Aggies are so superstitious that I promise you we will never see this uniform EVER again.