The weekend is basically knocking on the door and it wants in badly. After the first full week on no “exciting” college sports, we needed this. It is like the IV to help carry us to College Football Kickoff. News of GQ Jay possibly going to the Knicks was the most exciting thing to happen this week…. so we need this.

Oh, and our boy Clemson Carl will be duking it out tonight with a P.O.S South Carolina student in Barstool Sports Rough n Rowdy, so a few songs in this play list are molded towards him.

Let’s break it down:

Andy Jones:

Molly by Lil Dicky/ Wasted by Tiesto

These songs are just bangers. Molly is a little more of a serious Lil Dicky and Wasted is just a song you want to play loud and on repeat.

Brandon Morris:

Sexy Can I by Ray J/Patiently Waiting by 50 Cent featuring Eminem/ Fight Night by Migos/ The Champ is Here by Juelz Santana

The throwbacks of the group. Ray J and 50 cent, what gives away he was in college in the 2000’s? Also, the two Fight pump-up songs of this group, with old Migos and Juelz Santana.

Frank Fanelli:

I Heard You Got Too Litt Last Night by SAINt JHN/ Pockets by Smokepurpp & Murda Beatz

Frank is one of the few people who has the power of bangers no matter what, so just listen to these and be in awe.

Trey Evans

Hell-o by Flatbush zombies/ ASAP Forever by ASAP Rocky

Our new guy/Rookie coming in HOT. ASAP Rocky slaps no matter what and the Hell-o song was sneaky good.

Anthony Ventura:

Birthday Sex by Jeremiah/ Hot N*gga by Robert Shmurda

These songs I’m 100% positive every kid would play on repeat in high school. Bobby Shmurda dropped a national banger that had a shelf live of about 3 months then died off. And Birthday Sex… interesting choices Anthony

Chandler Poe:

Okra by Tyler, the creator /God Bless the Ratchets by  SAINT JHN

Another rookie coming in with some fire. Tyler the creator always is great and SAINT JHN has been on fire recently.

Johnny Rambos:

Gotti – 6ix9ine /Myself – Nav /Cocaine Jesus – rainbow kitten surprise

Johnny always comes in with very great choices and he doesn’t disappoint. A song by Rainbow Kitten Surprise… sign me up I’m all in.




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