“Its Friday, the weekend is peaking its head out of the door, the work week/school week is done, have yourself a great one.” -Pat McAfee

It. Is. Friday. This sports week has been pretty chaotic and messy. Sean Miller dropping bags, Texas A&M becoming National Champs, Big Ten Tourney, and above all else, Rutger winning a basketball game. Because of this crazy week, I decided to write a little bit of a more relaxed, fun article.

Earlier this week, I did an article on Pat White, and in doing so I came across one of the greatest Country songs known to man. (other than Friends In Low Places…)

Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver.

In doing so, I decided to go on a little trip down memory lane and look back at all of the great college Entrances/Traditions/Song. So, kick off those shoes, kick yourself back and enjoy some of the greatest sights in all of sports.

WVU: Country Roads

“Almost Heaven, West Virginia….”

Ah, West Virginia. Land of parties, the Mountaineers, and Country Roads. Now, I wont lie, I totally had forgotten about this song until I recently watched the new Kingsman Movie (Spoiler Alert for the Link).In it, this song is sung and it brought back this song and all of the videos of the fans singing it. It is honestly a beautiful thing when you can get a group of 20,000+ to chant, but to hear them all sing in harmony it poetry to my ears.

Virginia Tech: Enter Sandman

Oh man, 13-year-old me loved this song way too much. Earlier in the college football season, Virginia Tech was an Underdog story no one saw coming. But holy hell, when I heard VT uses it as their entrance song, I was pumped.(They have been since 2000 who knew). Once the Guitar Riff starts up and the Hokies are in the tunnel, slapping the all bur sacred Hokie Stone, I felt like I was one of the Thousands standing in that Stadium.  Seeing the Garnet and Orange jumping up and down and then the whole stadium go berserk as soon as the so-called “bass” drops, it is a sight to see. Running out of an inflatable tunnel in high school to trumpets and 2000 fans cheering was an adrenaline rush to me, this has to be 200x better.

Iowa: Back In Black/Kinnick Wave

On a more serious note, every time I see this, I gets a little dusty in my area. This is one of the many reason why I love sports. It’s not just a game, but it a way of bring together complete strangers and doing amazing things, such as this wave. I can only imagine the joy this brings not only to the kids, but the parents of these unfortunate kids. Iowa has gained a new-found respect from this SEC fan because of this, and I hope that one day, I can witness this marvel in person. This is and will continue to be one of my most favorite things in all of sports.

“Most Electrifying Entrance In All Of Sports” -Brandon (Iowa Guy)

Who would have thought that 80’s-90’s rock and College Football would go together so well? I mean it’s a better matching than Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Kentucky and 1-and-Done, or Me and QB’s. But GOD DAMN, this one gave me chills as well. Not only is Back in Black one of my Top 10 Songs every, but it’s now near the top of pump-up songs. Watching Iowa diehards slap the stadium walls while yelling ,clapping , and the wonderful sound of ACDC in the back is a match made in heaven. Also, Black Uniforms are the greatest things in all of sports don’t @ me.

Texas A&M: Power Entrance/Band/ROTC March

Now, yes as an A&M die hard, This may seem a little biased, but for good reason. Using Kanye West’s “Power” as an Entrance can have mixed views. HOWEVER, when 100,000+ are chanting along with the song, it is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. Also, it is not seen as well in this video, but watching the players sway back and forth to the noises of the song and the crowd is a spectacle all in of itself. Makes me feel all nostalgic with the good ole’ days of JFF.

Auburn: Swag Surf/War Eagle:

A lot of fans/teams do the “Swag Surf”, however, I decided to show off Auburn for it due to the fact that during the 2017 Iron Bowl, in a very big victory over Alabama, they were shown off in the national spotlight for this. It may not be the most loud or flashy thing, but seeing it and the sways of fans back and forth is pretty Badass.


Seeing an actual Eagle fly across the stadium while thousands of fans yell at it and twirl whatever those things are is pretty damn cool. Seeing the eagle not attack anyone is also very cool. If I was an opposing player and saw that eagle flying across the stadium, I would be scared out of my mind.

Taylor University: Silent Night

“Who the hell is Taylor University”-Everyone

Well, while you may have never heard of them, you more than likely have seen them on ESPN,B/R, or social Media. They host their Annual Silent Night, in which every one of the fans all sit together in silence, this is until the Trojans score their 10th point. After that 10th point is tacked onto the scoreboard, all hell breaks loose…

Extra Bonus: Philly Eagles: Dreams and Nightmares

Uggs/TB12 < Meek Mill


If you think your teams entrance has been left out, Do not worry. I will more than likely be releasing this either weekly/bi weekly, so check back in to see if your team made the list.

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