Texas A&M had a pretty mediocre the 2017-18 season and decided to give Kevin “Mr. November” Sumlin the boot. Rumors were spreading that his successor would be the man down in Tallahassee, Jimbo Fisher. Sure enough, good ole’ Jimbo is now at the head of the Aggies football team, and he brings a clean slate with him. New coordinators, coaches, offensive and defensive schemes, and most of all, a 0-0 record in November.

So what does this mean for the recruiting class of 2018? It’s out with the old (YESSIR, keep that at U of A Sumlin) and in with the new. While the news of Sumlin being fired did take away a few recruits from the ’18 class, it also turned over a new leaf. In the short months of Coach Fisher being the head honcho, he has been recruiting his tail off, and it has been shown. The so-called Gig’Em Gang ’18 (Honestly gives me goosebumps every time I read it) has come out for National Signing Day, and it was a doozy. The Aggies aren’t usually known for the big name 5 star recruits, and that perfectly fine. Let them stress over the Money Bags being spent on those guys at Bama or OSU, we give the recruits the promise of a Aggie ring, one of the most electric stadium experiences in college football, and most of all, a chance at Johnny Manziel tweeting about you.

(Goosebumps, All Of The Goosebumps)

This year’s class comes with some shocks, happiness, and sadness (Bama stealing recruits away). The Aggies ended NSD with 21 Signees, and (hold onto your butts for this) with more than half (12) being 4+ Star recruits. While a handful did come over from FSU and followed Jimbo, one of the biggest names to go to TAMU is 4 Star Safety Leon O’Neal Jr. from Crypress, TX.  He was predicted to be leaning towards Oklahoma, but late last night, he released a tweet showing his commitment to the Gig Em Gang:

Another shock to the NSD was a 4-Star undeclared QB James Foster, a dual threat out of Alabama, has chosen the Aggies late in the day. He was a top 300 player and the 10th ranked player in the state of Alabama. This is the 5th time in 6 years that the Aggies have gotten a Top 10 QB in the class, but we will see how he is used with starters Kellen Mond and Nick Starkel coming back. (Hopefully, we don’t see these guys transfer like certain *COUGH* Hill and Allen *COUGH*).

A Full list of the players who signed with Texas A&M can be seen here. This class has a lot of big name play makers, a lot of size and speed, but we will see how it can translate to the field and in the SEC.

Still, this is being seen of as one of the best National Signing Days that the Aggies have had in quite a few years. While time will tell with more practices and how they can fit within the systems, Coach Jimbo has started off his Career as an Aggies the Texas way: Going Big or Going Home.

Happy National Signing Day, and Gig’Em.

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