Recently one of the greatest players in the history of the NFL, Jerry Rice made a wild yet not totally unrealistic claim. The 55-year-old said that he could still play in the NFL.

Also, former teammate and fellow wide receiver/hall of famer Terrell Owens also stirred up talks about a possible comeback at the age of 44 earlier this month. Now the idea of these legends making a comeback seems pretty fucking awesome and something another 49ers receiver/hall of famer Randy Moss might want to consider. Of course, though, these legend’s age (especially Rice) is an obvious factor that would make these comebacks an uphill battle.

I mean skill-wise, there’s no question. Same can be said about the player’s ability to get in shape. But, the fact of the matter is football is a physically demanding sport and would quickly take its toll on their bodies. But it is just way too fun to think “what if?”And that led me to ask myself; what if the NCAA allowed pro free agents or former pro players to finish out their eligibility if they left for the draft early.

A major problem that jumps out right away with this is the fact that college players don’t get paid (and have to enroll in classes). Now that’s a different issue for a different story, but that’s another change the NCAA should look into making. Despite that, this would be a pretty great thing for everyone involved. Fans would love it, causing them to want to go see these players no matter which school they play for which would then make more money for that respective school. Players would possibly get to play against their idols and be this whole sentimental thing.

Just think of the possibilities.  

What if Dez Bryant doesn’t end up finding  “the right fit” at the NFL level and decides maybe he should go back to the other Cowboys he used to play or any other team, whatever’s the right fit! 

What if Johnny Manziel’s comeback quest started back where he first made a name for himself (Johnny Football)?

Seeing guys still in their 20’s playing with typical college athletes would be a sight to see and a real treat for all around. The NCAA is known for not being very cool, however, this could be a golden opportunity for them to turn the perception right the fuck around!

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