Kyler Murray has officially made his choice. Since his last football game at Oklahoma and declaring for the draft in January, it has seemed more clear that the Heisman Trophy winner was going to choose football, but he has finally made it official. He is leaving behind all of this money for his love of football:

This decision may have slightly blindsided the Athletics based on the fact that this report came out only a few minutes before Kyler’s announcement:

Old Takes Exposed like you read about.

Was it the Right Decision?

Now, a lot of people had their opinions on what they thought Kyler should do. Baseball is naturally a safer sport and has more guaranteed money with a longer average career span than the NFL. However, a real passion for football ultimately outweighed all of this. Kyler has had some awkward interviews and has been super boring in the media recently because he didn’t want to give any leanings on his choice. Hopefully, we will now see a more open and candid Kyler Murray. He is such an electrifying player on the field and it would be nice to get to know the guy off the field.

Now if you want my opinion, I’m pumped Kyler chose football. I hope it ends up being the right choice for him, but I already know it was the right choice for America. Kyler is one of the most exciting football players we have ever seen. No matter how his game translates or what happens next season, we are lucky to get to see Kyler Murray on a football field again. I can’t wait to see what happens. He’s almost a lock to be a first-round draft pick and I wouldn’t be surprised if he climbs draft boards even further after the combine/pro days or if he starts marketing himself more.

I’m pumped for Kyler’s future.

P.S. Tweet of the Day goes to Tom Fornelli

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