It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year. The NFL Combine. With all the weird psychological questions asked, the bench press, the 40-yard sprint, and of course the measurements, what could be better? Well nothing could have gone better this morning for Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray. With all the questions surrounding his size, the results are here.

Drumroll, please… KYLER MURRAY IS 5 FOOT 10 AND ⅛ INCHES TALL. In perhaps the biggest shock of the combine so far, Murray clocked in at over 5 foot ten inches tall and Twitter is going wild over it. With so many questions surrounding Murray and his ability to “see over the line” and all that garbage old dudes talk about that don’t know football, he actually is taller than measured in college.

This new height would still make Murray the shortest quarterback in today’s NFL, but let’s compare his numbers to the guys he’s been so heavily compared to.

Murray is slightly shorter than Wilson and a bit shorter than fellow Oklahoma alum Baker Mayfield, but his hand is actually bigger than Mayfield’s. Not exactly Josh Allen sized hands, but it will do. As Baker proved to the NFL this year, size does not matter as much as it used to. Murray also weighed in heavier than Seahawks star Russell Wilson at 207 pounds. With an NFL training regimen ahead of him, who’s to say Murray won’t get even bigger?

Although I first saw it as a lazy comparison, Murray actually is very similar to Baker Mayfield. Both are deadly accurate. Mayfield finished college with a 68.5 completion percentage, just a touch ahead of Murray’s 67.4. Both of their final seasons at Oklahoma saw them throw for over 4,000 yards.

The one thing Murray has a clear advantage in is his ability to run. He rushed for over 1,000 yards last season, earning him the Heisman trophy and the rare decision between two professional sports. The dude is a freak athlete. From that merit alone, any NFL franchise would be dumb to pass up on him. But several teams will inevitably make that mistake, and it will be regretted ten years down the line. I’m all-aboard the Kyler Murray train. This kid is going to be something special.

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