Kyler Murray has just declared for the NFL Draft. This closes the door on returning for his senior year at Oklahoma. But does this mean he’s made his final choice between football and baseball?

Murray signed a $4.6 million contract with the Oakland A’s after they drafted him at #9 in the MLB draft. Kyler would then go on to have one of the best seasons in college football history and win the Heisman.

Even though Kyler has declared for the NFL draft, he still has the option to play baseball. He could still report to spring training in February, but this would be around the same time as the NFL combine. If Kyler Murray wants to be a first round draft pick, he will most likely need to attend the combine. If Oakland wants, they could try to work something out with the MLB to let Murray leave spring training to attend the combine. But if not, Murray would likely then have to make his final choice between the two sports.

If Kyler does choose football over baseball, he will have to return his $1.5 million signing bonus to the A’s.

I’d support Kyler in whatever choice he makes. That being said, he’s so fucking fun to watch play football and I’d love to see him in the NFL. Despite him only being 5’10 and undersized, you can’t ignore the talent and work ethic of a pure athlete. Just look at what he did this past season.

If Murray is drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft, he will become the first ever athlete to be drafted in the first round of two major sports.

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