LeBron James, coming off yet another NBA Finals loss, has switched teams again, this time partnering with HBO to bring a new student-athlete focused NCAA documentary to the network this fall.

Typical LeBron, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em (NBA Free Agency joke, haha). Although this time, after not being able to win with the Cavs, LeBron will not be taking his talents to South Beach, rather he will be heading to New York City (assuming he goes to the HBO Studios). Maybe this documentary will get him a title (in this case an Oscar).

All joking aside, I could not be more excited about this upcoming documentary. LeBron in a Producer role should be great, considering the amount of money that he possesses. And HBO has been on a roll with original content lately, especially their movies. A recent venture in sports, the Joe Paterno documentary, was a raging success as well.

Listen, no one else on this site is a bigger supporter of college athletes being paid than me, and it is great to see that other high profile athletes are getting involved. Former Kentucky player Derek Willis fired back at Dan Dakich on Twitter after Dakich hinted at players getting free tattoos.

The world is still waiting for the most notable supporter of athlete compensation, ESPN’s Jay Bilas, to comment on the situation. One look at his Twitter feed, and there is no mistaking Bilas’ take on the matter.

Remember, talk is cheap. Nothing will change until someone in power decides to radically shift the NCAA’s “amateurism” angle. Until then, the same organization that won’t allow a potential UCF kicker to monetize his YouTube account but will allow Kyler Murray to make over $4 million while still in school, is not going to change. Let’s hope Bron’s HBO supporting cast is better than the one he had in Cleveland.

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