Week 3 of college football gave us on of the worst performances we’ll see all season. If you haven’t already figured out who the loser of the week is, here’s a hint…

How does a power 5 football team allow this to happen? Do they not listen for a whistle and just decide themselves when the play is over? 

The fake fair catch play alone is worthy of a loser of the week enshrinement, but what makes the Razorbacks performance even more despicable is the fact that they DESTROYED by North Texas 44-17. North Texas hasn’t beaten an SEC team in 40 years and Arkansas let them come in their building and embarrass them. 

This for sure wasn’t the start to the season Chad Morris wanted to have with his new team; and with Tulsa being the only non-SEC team left on Arkansas’s schedule, things aren’t likely to get any easier for Chad Morris and the Razorbacks.

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