The Mississippi State Bulldogs fell to the Florida Gators 13-6 in Starkville to give the Bulldogs an 0-2 record in the SEC, but more importantly ensured them the title of Loser of the Week 5.

Your’e not gonna win very many games scoring only 6 points, especially when your team’s biggest strength is offense. The Gator defense completely shut down the Bulldog offense on Saturday, with Mississippi State scoring two field goals in the first half and getting shut out in the second. Nick Fitzgerald was held to under 100 yards passing and only 40 yards on 20 carries rushing.  

The worst part of this loss for bulldog fans, was watching Dan Mullen walk into their stadium and beat down the team he left for Florida after the Egg Bowl last season.

There really isn’t any silver lining for the Mississippi State Bulldogs at this point. They’re already 0-2 in the SEC and still have Texas A&M, LSU, Auburn, and oh yeah, ALABAMA on their schedule to play this season.

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