If you don’t know by now, I am the resident QB expert for Student Union and just an all around QB guy. I went by Andy (Jon)es Gruden for a few weeks in our Slack and love writing all about QB’s (See my TBTQB Articles). So, while sitting in my science communications lecture bored one day, I came up with an offense and defense made out of only College QB’s. I only had 3 rules:

  1. They had to of played in at least 5 or more games at quarterback in their college careers
  2. They had to play from 1999-2018
  3. They are still allowed even if they switched positions later in college or the NFL.

This team would probably go winless and it’d be like watching a sorority flag football team, but we can just imagine the results in our heads. So, I present the American GunSlingers:

QB: Kellen Moore

I mean this guy could SLING it. One of, if not THE best college QB of all time, he get’s the green light as QB on our team. The first QB in FBS history to win over 50 games.

RB/FB: Braxton Miller and Dak Prescott

Braxton was a QB, then a Hybrid back, then finally a WR. He would be an outstanding RB due to his speed, footwork, and most of all…. the spin move.

And the man with the lead blocks for Miller… Dak Prescott:

Image result for dak prescott running

Watching Dak run in college was like watching a Semi-Truck with it’s breaks broken… just imagine that with a neck pad and a U Bar facemask, he’d give Tim Riggins a run for his money.

WR: Deshaun Watson and Johnny Manziel

Put the ball in Watson’s hands and watch him find a way into the end zone. Speed and elusiveness combine to make a decent receiver.

And Johnny Football on the other side already knows how to catch some passes already, so he’d be a perfect Possession WR.

TE: Matt Jones

Matt played QB at Arkansas but switched over to WR in the NFL, so he is already part of the #ToeDragSwag team. At 6’6, he’s out TE.

Offensive Line: Osweiler, Lorenzen, Roethelisberger, Rivers, Russell

Image result for ben roethlisberger college

This O-Line isn’t even gonna let a gust of wind pass by them. Everyone 6’5 and over and all pushing 230+, this line would be poetry in motion.

Defensive Line: Manning, Palmer, Tebow, Luck

Image result for manning college


This D-Line may not look scary or have any real strength/speed, but it is oozing GRIT. 69 sacks on the season (nice).

LB: Carr, Petty, Newton

Image result for derek carr college

Size, Speed, and Power. Someone call The Boz and ask if we can borrow some headbands and neck rolls because we gt some STUDS here.

Secondary: Mariota, Mayfield, Vick, Griffin

SPEED. MORE SPEED. AND EVEN MORE SPEED. Nobody is outrunning this secondary and with some Cover 2/4 man, it’s gonna be locked down more than Guantanamo Bay.

The American Gunslinger’s are going 14-0, winning the CFB and all 22 will split the Heisman. A true dynasty that will be Thrown into the national spotlight.

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