The NCAA is at it again. They are so damn stubborn when it comes to paying players that players now have to do whatever they can to live while in school. For Kentucky safety Marcus Walker, this apparently means trying to become the new Pablo Escobar. Police were called to the scene after a disorder, and when they left, the streets of Lexington, Kentucky had lost a lot of drugs, and Walker’s life was ruined.

Walker had been dismissed from the team a few weeks ago, so at least he didn’t have to worry about that when he was getting pushed into the police car. What he did have to worry about? How did he just let the police find his 95,000 dollars in cash. This college kid just had that much cash sitting around his apartment, shoved or stuffed into various places. That enough money to buy a Maserati Ghibli in cash, and still have 20,000 left over. Now I know why you are all here, you were enticed by the mentioned of Pablo Escobar, then saw “drugs” so you decided to stay. So why don’t I just get to it already. In Walker’s apartment, the police found 52 grams of cocaine. According to a quick google search, the average price of a gram of cocaine in Kentucky is 110 dollars, which puts Walker’s cocaine stash worth about 5,800 dollars. If he had my appetite with that kind of money he would know that with that he could buy about 39,000 Burger King chicken nuggets, enough to last me a whole week! But cocaine isn’t all he had. Walker was also found with about 5 pounds of marijuana. Another quick google search tells me a pound of weed is roughly 2,000 dollars. So let’s just add up his cash+drugs and Walker was sitting on about 111,000 dollars or so of illegal contraband, or in layman’s terms, about 745,000 chicken nuggets. (*Check you Math Ant… -Editorial)

Again let’s look at why Walker would do this. It’s because, obviously, as shown with my highly detailed numbers crunch above, Walker saw just how much money he could make in this industry. Now if only he was highly skilled at something, say, a sport maybe, where he could use his specialized talents to make money, this could have been prevented. Oh wait, he does. The NCAA just refuses to make decisions that benefit the student athletes. In fact, they repeatedly make decisions that hurt student-athletes. Like today, where they openly neglect player safety and increase risk. They have student athletes working and training endless hours, perfecting their craft, just to receive no financial compensation for 4 years? Seems like bullshit to me. Even Lebron James, who never went to college, thinks the NCAA is so terrible, he needs to make a documentary on it. No wonder athletes try to leave early for the pros, these kids all have families they need to support, and they need a way to make money. Maybe Walker didn’t see an NFL future so he thought this was the quickest way to make a lot of money. If the NCAA would just pay players, like they deserve a million times over, the NCAA wouldn’t have created the mini-Escobar that was arrested today.

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