By Ryan Plugge | Texas A&M

Here are some of the great images from Texas A&M football.

November 26th 1999 Texas A&M vs Texas
This game is one of the most remembered and talked about games in Texas A&M history. It came after the tragedy of the annual bonfire that collapsed at 2:42 a.m. on November 18th. For 90 years the Aggie built a bonfire for their annual game against the rival longhorns. Sadly in 1999, the stack of wood collapsed and ended up killing 12 students. This was one of the most terrible things that had ever happened at Texas A&M. After much grieving, the team decided to play against Texas later that week. The Aggie coach at the time, R.C. Slocum wanted the Aggie to play and win because he felt it would help the university come together and be able to grieve this horrible accident. The Aggie came out and did upset the #5 longhorns 20-16. In this picture below, you can see Brain Gamble after he recovered a fumble to secure the victory. This picture has forever been sealed in every Aggie’s brain. The emotion of going down to his knees and looking up into heaven knowing that they won for the 12 students who had passed away.


November 10, 2012 Johnny Manziel Heisman Pose
This picture is one of the greats. This happened during the Alabama game in 2012 when the Aggies went into Bryant-Denny Stadium and upset the number 1 Tide. Johnny also had some great moments in this game which really brought him on the national spotlight. After this victory, Johnny won the 2nd every Heisman trophy for A&M and led one of the greatest teams in A&M history to a Cotton Bowl victory over old Big12 foe OU.


The 12th Man
One of the things that separates A&M from other colleges is the tradition of the 12th man. During every game, every student stand the entire game yelling and waving their towel. Not to mention that A&M averages around 34,000 students attend games every year. A&M also holds the NCAA student attended record of 38,800 students attended one single game. When you have that many students who care for their football team and will stand and yell as loud as they can, it can be pretty intimidating for opposing teams.


Aaron Wallace Holding Ware’s Helmet
Back in the 80s and 90s, the Aggie defense was known as the “Wrecking Crew” because of how great they were. Crazy, many people do not think of defense when they think of Texas A&M, but the Aggies have a great history of being defensively dominate. Wallace was a pass-rusher that had 42 sacks as an Aggie and earned All-American honors in 1988 and 1989. During a game against #8 Houston and the eventually Heisman winner Andre Ware, Wallace sacked Ware and knocked his helmet off during the sack. The sack sealed the 17-13 upset and Wallace let the whole stadium know the power of the “Wrecking Crew” by holding up Ware’s helmet to the student section.


“The Hit”
Back to the “Wrecking Crew” days, in 1991 Quentin Coryatt had one of the biggest hits in college football history. It was happen in a game against TCU. A WR, named Kyle McPerson, was running a slant and Coryatt just absolutely nailed him. It ended up breaking Kyle’s jaw in three places and knocking him out. The hit was named the “Hit of the Year” by ESPN. The Aggie defense that year was ranked number one in the nation and Coryatt was named second team All-American and SWC defensive player of the year. This hit has become a staple for A&M hype videos and is always played before games in Kyle Field, and when it happens the whole stadium yells “BOOM”.


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