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Football season is upon us people, so I figured I’d celebrate by throwing out my predictions for the best pro prospects from each FBS conference. Every year you’ll put on that random MAC vs Sun Belt game and see some player who looks pretty good, then next thing you know he’s playing slot for the New England Patriots. Now obviously you’re going to know the guys from the Power Five conferences but we gather here today to give some credit and acknowledgment to the little guys who play on blue turf and are sometimes only known for one trait… like how Josh Allen can throw a ball 91 yards in his shorts. Lets get into it already

American Athletic Conference – Ed Oliver/Houston/DT

Ed Oliver may not play for a power five school but he easily has power five talent.

Oliver is considered by many to be the best prospect in the draft next year, he may even have a chance at winning the Heisman Trophy. He possess the size at 6’3″ and weighs in at around 290. He’s got the size and technique already, but whats crazy is how athletic he is. Man can he move, but also just shed blocks with style or just go right through you. There is no way this man isn’t at least a top three pick in next years draft.

Atlantic Coastal Conference – Dexter Lawrence/Clemson/DT

Anyone on the Clemson defensive line could have been chosen here. I mean jesus Clelin Ferrel, Christian Wilkins and Austin Bryant with Dexter Lawerence might be the first time a whole defensive line gets drafted in the same year. For me, Lawerence has the most potential and he also aligns perfectly with growing trends in the NFL. Football, I think sooner rather than later is going to covet interior defensive lineman to push the pocket from the inside instead of the typical pass rusher. Lawerence has overshadowed Wilkins who most likely should have left for the draft last year.

That guy weighs 342 pounds and has the back muscles of someone who is on three cycles of steroids. Lawerence is also in the hunt for potentially being the number one overall pick. His stats may not pop out, but you watch this guy on tape and see he is just a straight home wrecker. Stay tuned for the battle of who will be the number one defensive tackle this year between him and Oliver.

Big Ten Conference – Nick Bosa/Ohio State/Edge

I used the term edge so I look like I’m a low level scout for the New York Jets (who should probably take him next year). The Big Ten as some of you may not know but will find out, is MY conference. I have seen Bosa with my own two eyes and he can either bend using a dip and rip or chop hands and go inside.

FYI that is Bosa during his Freshmen year. Nick may not be as big as his older brother Joey, but that allows him to use his pad level and get under offensive tackles that much easier. This seems ironic but the first three guys are all fighting for the first overall pick even though I’m just doing this alphabetically, #BLOGDONTLIE

Big 12 Conference – Will Grier/West Virginia/QB

The first quarterback on this list, Grier who originally started his career beating out Treon Harris at Florida, left the program two years ago after failing a drug test because of performance enhancing drugs. Grier decided to take his talents and go sling the rock for West Virginia and last year threw for 34 touchdowns and was named Big 12 newcomer of the year.

Watch this play above and tell me this man doesn’t remind you of Aaron Rodgers. Goes through all of his reads? check. Scrambles around to give his receivers time and set up the offensive lineman for a kill shot? Yes. Tosses it for a touchdown to a guy wide open? Yes. Looks kind of similar to Aaron Rodgers throw to Randall Cobb against the Giants. He also has solid size being 6’3″ if you buy into that kind of thing. But either way,  get ready for the Will Grier hype train baby, here we come.

Conference USA – Devin Singletary/Florida Atlantic/RB

I had actually never heard about Devin until I started writing this article but boy oh boy how they hell didn’t I. This man rushed for 1,900 yards last year and had 32 touchdowns to go with it. Now the reason is because I was all on the “Last Chance U” hype train but none of the guys ever did anything, pssst John Franklin III. Singletary reminds me of Kareem Hunt in some ways with his style of running.

Clearly Russell was in the same boat as me and had no clue who he was but this guy is going to be that running back who ends up being a steal after being selected in the third round, similar to a guy like David Johnson or Kareem Hunt. He’s that guy that you snag in the 13th round of your fantasy football draft and stash.

Independent Schools

Nice try guys but this is for conferences only, get a life and go play against an actual schedule instead making one up.

Mid Athletic Conference – Anthony Johnson/Buffalo/WR

Anthony Johnson is the first wide receiver on the list and he has the NFL pedigree for sure, his cousin is former first overall pick Jadeveon Clowney. Johnson played his first couple of years in community college but last year in 12 games had 113 receiving yards per game and also had 14 touchdowns. Anyone who can average over 100 and 1 in a game will usually get a look in the NFL. Notice how he adjusts his body down below to grab this touchdown aka a back shoulder fade.

You know what Anthony, you had me sold as soon as I saw you were Clowney’s cousin. Could very well be the McGrady/Carter of the NFL.

Mountain West Conference – Brett Rypien/Boise State/QB

Speaking of pedigree, Brett Rypien is indeed the nephew of former Washington R**skins quarterback who won the Super Bowl MVP in 1991. He also played behind another player in his class (Ryan Finley) who looks to be another top quarterback this season. So that gives me enough to believe he has what it takes.

More serious note this is a pretty nice ball, shout out to another guy who’s twitter handle has the word “draft” in it and let me use their video. This next throw is much more impressive and will actually make you give this man some thought.

I’m pretty excited to see if Rypien can become an actual NFL quarterback.

Pac 12 Conference – Trey Adams/Washington/OT

I had to get at least one big sexy lineman in here. Trey Adams is a house who protects Jake Browning’s blind side and bulldozes people for Myles Gaskins. Look at this dudes profile pic , how can he not be the best prospect from the Pac 12. Standing at 6’8″ with a playing weight most likely around 340… I am very intrigued. Even though I think he is the best offensive lineman in the NFL draft, as a Rutgers guy, I have to include this less than stellar video of him.

RU RAH RAH baby, Huskies aren’t even purple.

South Eastern Conference -Josh Allen/Kentucky/LB

In my last article, I talked about how New Jersey has some of the best talent in the country. Josh Allen, and not the quarterback on the Bills, yes you’re going to hear that joke a lot soon, is from New Jersey and is one of the top prospects in the conference. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below.

Uhhhh Drew Lock wuhhh happen. He has 19.5 career tackles for loss and 14.5 career sacks, not to shabby.

Sun Belt Conference – Blace Brown/Troy/CB

I can’t make this sh*t up, Blace Brown is the nephew of Herschel Walker. Im a full believer in that genetics are more important than working hard, as his brother is also a running back for Duke. Blace has solid size, 6ft, weighs 180 pounds, and has pretty good hands and awareness if you look at the play below.

I’m a believer in Blace because he was  a walk-on and is still getting his name out there. So I’m gonna stick with this guy, but really it’s because his uncle is Herschel Walker.

We’ll see in a couple of months if whether I’m pretty good at this stuff or i should throw my laptop into a river. Hey Mel and Todd if you want to become a trio i’ll be waiting in New Jersey.

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