As another week of college football comes and goes, more interesting stats fly out then we can keep track of. One that crossed the internet landscape (more importantly our StudentU group chat) was that it has been five years, yes FIVE YEARS since my Ohio State Buckeyes have punted against the lowly Nebraska Cornhuskers. Here are a list of things that have happened since Ohio State last punted against Nebraska:

  1. The Kick ‘6’ helped Auburn top Alabama
  2. The end of the Johnny ‘Football’ era
  3. We got rid of the BCS for the Playoff
  4. That Team Up North lost in one of the best ways imaginable, a botched snap… on a punt
  5. The start of what seems to be the longest quarterback tenure ever, Baker Mayfield starts for the Sooners
  6. DeShaun Watson becomes the first FBS player to ever record 4,000 passing yards along with 1,000 rushing yards
  7. Christian McCaffrey breaks Barry Sanders’ FBS record for All-Purpose yards with 3,684 yards
  8. 24 bowl games were decided by double digits, the most during any bowl season
  9. The most overtimes in a game was set in a MAC game between Western Michigan and Buffalo at 7
  10. And through those five years, Ichigan still hasn’t figured out how to beat the Buckeyes

Though there’s always next year Cornhusker fans, you’ll have to wait to see for another year, as it looks like you guys will be staying at home for the holiday season as you won’t be making the B1G Championship Game. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you guys, but I’ll be blunt about it, you guys suck, and until you can find a coach that can turn that program around, you guys will continue to suck.

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