The SEC is full of iconic football stadiums and unique game day atmospheres, but few are like that of Donald W. Reynolds Stadium at the University of Arkansas. From the tailgating that encompasses the plot of land surrounding the stadium, to the calling of the Hogs, “Woo Pig Sooie”, to the cheer of “Go Hogs!” that you can greet any passerby with and expect an echo, the U of A is special. So let’s do it, let’s take a brief ocular tour of some Arkansas’ football game day traditions.

Social Studies 101: Arkansas FootballTHE HOG WALK

Two hours prior to game time, led by the head coach and senior players, the team walks into Reynolds Stadium greeted by fans as
they cheer and high-five their favorite players and coaches. Dressed in suits and sometimes even team issued matching gear, the hog walk is a popular a pregame activity for fans to enjoy and as cool of a sports scene that you’ll see in Fayetteville. Fans flock to line the aisles to get an up close and personal view of players that ultimately fuel their fandom.


It is a sight that will overwhelm you as you walk to the stadium. A sea of red and white, accompanied by the smell of good old-fashioned Southern barbecue with all the fixings, will strike you Social Studies 101: Arkansas Footballalmost immediately. Active Greek-life members and alumni groups stand out with decorative banners and tents that don various Arkansas logos. These are not just comprised of random Natural State fanatics, these groups are organized with websites and clever names that pay respect to Razorback athletics pop culture. Each individual set-up you come Social Studies 101: Arkansas Footballacross has its own particular flair and game day attire. All the latest tailgate bells and whistles are present, matched with tricked-out automobiles creatively designed with
love, and TV’s bigger than appear in most suburban living rooms. Razorback tailgating is a scene like no other, as they not only tailgate for enjoyment, but for recognition as popular tailgate spots are broadcast on the big screen inside the stadium. Without a pro football team, Arkansas football is treated as the top football team in the state. Fans set up shop early and register for their prized spots well before the start of the season. Razorback fans truly care and love their Hogs and most notably here, they love to show just how “hog-wild” they are with the celebration known as the tailgate.


“Woo Pig Sooie!”Social Studies 101: Arkansas Football

The Hog Call can never be confused with another chant. The science of the proper Hog Call is taken so seriously, a how-to guide can be found on nearly every official Arkansas website and program. The Hog Call can be heard in the pregame, at kickoff, to recognizable and notable alumni, and of course to culminate Razorback success. The sheer number of participants, old and young, is breath-taking and the number of times you hear it on game day will blow you away.