It doesn’t matter where in the world or what league he is coaching in, the HBC will always be the best troll in football. Even coaching in the AAF, immediately after the game ends he has a little quip ready to make fun of the Vawls. That’s why he’s the greatest. Spurrier has perfected the art of the troll… so if you were to listen to the way he’s talking without the words you wouldn’t even know it was a troll. He so casually answered the reporter’s question while simultaneously ripping Tennessee fans apart.

Not only is Spurrier continuing to be an incredible troll, his Orlando Apollos squad moved to 2-0 in the AAF last night. People were unsure of how motivated Spurrier would be coaching in this league but it seems like he came to win games. The AAF has proven to be pretty below average football but is great for an excuse to gamble on football and we have gotten some great clips out of the league, especially from the Ole Ball Coach.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t add my favorite Spurrier trolls of all time to this blog.

And my personal favorite quote, not just from Spurrier, but maybe any sports figure ever. In reference to Georgia early in the season:

Keep up the great work HBC and go Apollos!

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