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Gary Patterson and his pack of Horned Frogs had a decent 2017-18 season, going 11-3 and having another great year, unlike every other Texas college team. This is their 3rd year out of the past 4 winning 11 or more games, which by all standards is amazing. But why do we still all doubt TCU? The simple answer is that they are in the Big 12, where the powerhouse Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. The more complex answer? They are always missing one critical position to excel them up to the next level. Can the Frogs make that jump this season or will they stick with a “mediocre’ 11 win season.

Prestige Ranking: 4

TCU is arguably the best team in Texas for the past few seasons and has always been decent in Big12 play. They have never gotten over the bumps to take over the Big12 or have any huge upsets. Also, year in and out they bring in great talent and utilize it to the best of their ability.

Last Years Record: 11-3 (7-2)

Projected Returning Starter(s):

Offense: 3

WR Jalen Austin, RT Lucas Niang, RB Darius Anderson

All 8 of the players who aren’t returning were all Senior Starters, so the Frogs have a whole new Offense this season. Austin brings back a decent air attack and Anderson split reps last season so he has experience as well. Niang is the only returner on the Line and will have to keep Sophomore QB Robinson on his feet. 

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Defense: 4

DE Ben Banogu, DT Ross Blackrock, LB Ty Summer, S Niko Small

And the defense is hurting as well. Majority of Seniors had split reps or rotated during games so the newcomers aren’t all rookies, but they will have some work to do. However, this defense will be amazing this year just like it has been for the past 3-4 years and with a little help from the offense, they can both intertwine to create a helluva team.

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Special Teams: 1

P Adam Nunez

Nunez only averaged 39.9 Yards Per Punt, but opponents only returned an average of 8 Yards and was 40th.

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Key Losses: The WR Core, Defense

With a total of 15 people who have left the team, the Frogs are gonna be hurting for the first few snaps of the season. New WR’s who had little to no play other than Punt Returns or Garbage Time. On the other side of the ball, the Secondary will hit some bumps in the road as well as the new LB’s, who will have veteran Ben Banogu to lead them.

Five Year Recruiting Ranking: 33rd

TCU is slowly becoming the Powerhouse of Texas and take over both the Longhorns and Aggies in recruiting, but it won’t be for another few years. Ranking top 35 in recruiting and still having great teams like the past few years? Imagine if Patterson can get a few more 5-Stars on their rosters.

The Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace All Name Team: Ross Blackrock

If I have ever heard a SoundCloud rappers name in my life, it would be Ross…

Alcohol Prediction: Blue (Or Purple) Frog Cocktail

This drink is part vodka, rum, gin, and tequila. Top with energy drink and garnish with orange slice and a cherry. A perfect drink to do two things:

Get smashed with a little Cardiac Arrest or Celebrate a great season.


While TCU is going to have a “young” new core to try to jump up in the Big 12, they are gonna hit some growing pains on the way there. OU and OSU lost key QB’s and WVU is going to be the top dog, but if TCU can get it together, don’t be surprised of they are in the Big12 Championship and possibly a New Years Six Bowl Game. 

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