As we reach the midway point in the season, the views of these teams becomes a lot more clear. Teams like Georgia and TCU are better than everyone expected while the Florida States of the world continue to disappoint. One thing is for certain though, Alabama and Clemson are the two best teams in the country, as evidenced by every single one of our polls having them ranked as #1 and #2, respectively. Among the teams to take the biggest dives this week were Oklahoma falling to #13 and Michigan being all the way down to #19. Oklahoma seems to be in trouble, but the eventual national champion has lost a home game each year since the beginning of the College Football Playoff.

1. Alabama (6)
2. Clemson
3. Penn State
4. Georgia
5. Washington
6. TCU
7. Wisconsin
T8. Washington State
T8. Ohio State
10. USC
11. Auburn
12. Miami
13. Oklahoma
14. Oklahoma State
15. Notre Dame
16. Virginia Tech
17. USF
18. San Diego State
19. Michigan
20. NC State
21. UCF
22. Stanford
23. Michigan State
24. Texas Tech
25. Louisville

Others Receiving Votes: Navy, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, West Virginia, Texas

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