On a day where something actually went well for the NCAA, in only the way they can, they found a way to fuck it up. Two days before announcing that changes were coming to the transfer rule, the NCAA also announced that they are doing away with the mandatory off-day rule.

Under the current rule, players are guaranteed at least one off day per calendar week of their regular season. Now, teams can give players just four off days in a 28-day cycle, those off days coming on days 1, 2, 27 and 28. In short, under the new rule, players can practice/play 24 days in a row, without their coaches receiving disciplinary action.

So much for player safety, hey Mark Emmert? According to a 2017 USA Today article, Mark Emmert was paid nearl $2 million in 2015 (last known salary). Who the fuck is stupid enough to pay someone as dumb as Mark Emmert that kind of money?? This has to easily be the worst idea he has ever had in his embarrassing tenure as NCAA President. I am terrified to even attempt to figure out his thought process while coming to this conclusion. Not only is this inherently unfair to student-athletes, but it puts them at an increased risk for injury on the field, and is putting unnecessary amounts of stress on them off the field.

It is hard enough to juggle academics with practice/lift/travel/games with an off-day, so if a coach is so inclined to deny what should be a basic right, his players will suffer. And of course, while the players suffer, those in charge will fatten their pockets. Don’t give me that player safety bullshit. Mark Emmert couldn’t care less about player safety, and his actions back that up.

Honestly, I am at a loss for words here. Player safety, something the NCAA harps on time and time again, is being completely ignored here. There is no clear competitive advantage to subjecting your players to a grueling schedule like this. Everyone is entitled to a day off. Colleges don’t schedule classes on the weekend, so that regular students can get a break from class. Why then are student-athletes not allowed this same caveat? Not even a day off during the week from class, but a day off from practice/games/lift. This is an asinine move by the NCAA.

It’s time for Mark Emmert to put his money where his mouth is. Start investing in the student-athlete’s safety, instead of being a hypocrite.

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