This article takes a look into the best voices in sports, not just broadcasters and commentators, but the personalities that make your overall sports experiences more enjoyable.

20. Dick Vitale – There probably isn’t another voice as unique and as identifiable as Dickie V. You know you are watching a super match-up in college basketball when Dick Vitale is on the call, he is always yelling, screaming and getting excited about something that’s going on during the game. Vitale is famously quoted for saying “This is awesome baby” when watching a crunch time basketball game. He is basically just one of us fans watching the game on the couch with us, just with a great sports voice.

19. Joe Rogan – Rogan has long been a commentator in the UFC and excited fans with his expansive Mixed Martial Arts knowledge. He also is the host of the Joe Rogan podcast, which is one of the most popular podcasts in the world. His expert analysis and famous knock out calls firmly place Rogan as one of the best voices in sports.

18. Chirs Berman – When the Swami came on ESPN in the early 2000’s making his NFL picks and yelling “WHOOP” at the top of lungs, you knew you were in for a treat. His catch phrases were amazing and so were his first couple rounds of Home-run derby before “Back, back, back, back, gone” got old. For a while his voice was the staple to Home-run derby. He also gave the greatest drunk interview in the history of sports after the Cubs World Series win in 2016.

17. Mexican Soccer Announcers – Everyone in the world has been at a Mexican restaurant when they’ve heard over the television speakers “GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALL.” Whenever a Mexican team scores a goal in soccer it gets everyone hype. It’s get’s the people going, it’s provocative. At some point in everyone’s life they have played soccer and yelled “GOAL” for at least 30 seconds after scoring a goal thanks to Mexican soccer announcers.

16. Vin Scully – The longest tenured play by play announcer with one team of all time has one of the most recognizable voices in the history of sports. Scully was with the Dodgers from 1950-2016, which is sixty six years. Just unbelievable. He has many great moments, but calling Kirk Gibsons 1988 World Series walk off home-run has to be the greatest.

15. Lee Corso – Corso has been doing College Gameday since 1987 and helping heal college football fans Saturday morning hangover’s for years. Corso is iconic because of the mascot head’s he puts on when he picks the winner of the college gameday game that week. From the time he accidentally fired a gun to the multiple times he’s been booed for picking the home teams mascots, Corso will always be an iconic sports voice that fans will cherish.

14. Tom Rinaldi – Are you interested in crying in the middle of the day? Boy, do I have a guy for you. Rinaldi made his name by doing sports stories on kids with cancer and disabilities who find peace within the wide world of sports. When you hear Rinaldi’s voice come through the speakers you better get ready for a wild ride. If its interviewing Manti Te’o after he’s been catfished or Tiger Woods talking about having sexual relations, its going to get you feeling some type of way.

13. Dan Patrick – Patrick was a long time host of ESPN’s sportscenter and that is where he really first rose to fame. He stayed with ESPN until 2006 when he left for NBC and was given his own show “The Dan Patrick Show.” Patrick hosted Football Night in America for a couple years until he turned down a contract offer. Patrick’s mellow and laid back voice are what made fans feel easy and relaxed when listening him talk about sports. It’s hard to find anyone who isn’t a fan of the great Dan Patrick.

12. Bob Costas – Bob Costas has been with the NBA since the 1980’s and hascalled just about every single major sport. Costas has been the head broadcaster for sixteen Olympic games and is probably the most recognizable sports face in America because of it. Costas is another sports broadcaster with a soothing voice that doesn’t ever get too loud or annoying while watching sports. Bob Costas has covered the NBA, NFL, Boxing and Nascar in his time with NBC. Costas is also notorious for continuing to do the Olympic coverage with double pink-eye.

11. Bruce & Michael Buffer – The Buffer brothers basically cornered the market for combat sports with Michael introducing Boxers and Wrestlers from all kinds of organizations and Bruce introducing all major UFC fights. It just doesn’t feel like an important fight or match without a Buffer brother announcing the fighters in each corner. They have firmly landed themselves in the greatest voices in sports because of all the fights they have enhanced. The Gumbel brothers are no where near as enticing as the Buffer brothers.

10. John Madden – When you have the most successful sports video game franchise of all time named after you, you are obviously doing something right. John Madden was a super successful NFL head coach, winning a Super Bowl with the Raiders and Calling football on CBS, Fox, NBC and ABC sports for over thirty years. Madden won sixteen Emmy’s while broadcasting for his unique football voice and wide knowledge of the game. John Madden’s voice will live on forever through old Madden football games that kids played for over twenty years growing up.

9. Marv Albert – Albert is a New York legend best known for calling New York Knicks games, but he also calls playoff NBA games and exerts the same amount of energy calling the game that the players on the court have. Hearing Marv Albert talk about Paul George serving up a facial to Chris Bosh in the playoffs will forever be a cherished memory. When Marv Albert is calling an NBA game, you know to turn the volume on your television up and get ready for an unforgettable in game quote.

8. Mike Tirico – Was it really Monday Night Football if you weren’t hearing Tirico’s voice? I say absolutely not. Mike Tirico was a nine year veteran of Monday Night Football who made long Monday’s at the office a little bit better by igniting Monday Night Football no matter who was playing. The Browns could have been playing the Buccaneers and Mike Tirico would have found a way to make it interesting enough to keep you watching. Tirico is currently working for NBC and was recently named the new host for Football Night in America.

7. Gus Johnson – Gus Johnson made March Madness what is today with his electric calls and excitement from the booth. No matter the game, no matter the score, Johnson was going to keep you watching at all times with his calls like “From the parking lot” and “Rise and fire….Count it!” Johnson’s time with CBS will be remembered for years to come by NCAA tournament watchers all around the world. Gus Johnson currently calls college football games for Fox Sports and turns that booth all the way up during big time games.

6. Kevin Harlan – Kevin Harlan is one of the most well versed broadcasters of all time. From his calls in the NFL to the NBA to college basketball, he is always a guy you want to call your teams games. Harlan once called eight consecutive Super Bowls in a row on Westwood One. Harlan has long been a TNT NBA announcer and is even apart of the NBA 2k game series. Harlan once play by play called a streaker running on the field of an NFL game in 2016 and instantly became a viral sensation. Although Harlan has been doing broadcasts since 1982, his streaker call may be the best call of his career because normally commentators stay away from streaker calls as well as do the cameras.

5. Mike Breen – BANG! When you are watching an NBA game Breen is calling and someone hits a big time three you can expect to hear his famous catch phrase “BANGGG!!!” This is one of the greatest calls in all of sports because of the enthusiastic way he says it and the importance of the shot usually being made. When Ray Allen hit the corner three in the 2013 finals to save his team from elimination Mike Breen let out a BANG for the entire world to hear. It’s a moment in sports history that even casual fans will remember for the rest of their lives. There is a reason this guy is in the top 5 of the greatest voices in sports.

4. Al Michaels – Al Michaels most famous call ever may be the Miracle on Ice in 1980 when the United States of America upset the Soviet Union in Hockey 4-3. Widely considered one of the biggest upsets in the history of sports, Michaels was on the call and made it one of the most infamous calls in the history of sports. Michaels also worked numerous world series and Monday and Sunday night football games. His by the book style of commentating and love for sports was a main reason to watch any game that he was announcing. Michaels has worked with NBA, ABC and MLB Network over his long broadcasting career and won three Emmy’s for his performances on air.

3. Jim Nantz – Nantz has been one of the most consistent voices in sports for over thirty years now. From calling Masters to being the head guy over at CBS for NFL games. The man’s voice can truly do it all. As a broadcaster to be able to commentate professional golf and proffesional football you have to be extremely diverse and Nantz has done that time and time again. From calling the Super Bowl in 2007 to calling Men’s NCAA championship games multiple times, Nantz has done it all. There is no task to big for the man himself. Nantz has worked for CBS since the 1980’s and never left, making him one of the longest tenured broadcasters on this list.  Jim Nantz also made Tony Romo a hot commodity in the 2017 football season, they worked in the booth together and became the most desirable duo for NFL games in some time.

2. Verne Lundquist – Verne Lundquist is another broadcaster who is so diverse in the way he can call sporting events it truly is just unbelievable. From calling the Masters with Jim Nantz to calling the Kick 6 Auburn Alabama game, the man has done it all. When you heard Verne’s voice for a 3:30 CBS SEC match-up you knew it was about to go down. Verne has called so many sporting events over the years that he has become one of the most notorious, if not the most notorious college football commentator of all time. Verne Lundquist also had a cameo in Happy Gilmore, commentating the golf tournament that Adam Sandler’s fictional character was playing in. Verne may be done calling football for now, but the way he got people at home excited to watch football will be something football fans will hold on to for eternity. Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson teamed up on CBS to be one of the greatest college football tandems of all time.

1. Brent Musburger – Ole Brent actually started out as a NFL broadcaster in the 80’s until his move to ABC in 1990. Brent Musburger is widely considered by most fans as the greatest college football broadcaster of all time. The way he addresses the fans by calling them folks and just making them feel like family while doing his broadcasts is what makes him one of the best to ever do it. When you heard Musburgers voice on a Saturday night you knew you were in for a big time game with national championship implications. Musburger also called seven national title games in his time as a college football commentator. Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit teamed up to be the best tandem in the history of college football broadcasting. One of his greatest moments is making A.J. McCarron’s now wife Katherine Webb famous in the 2013 Championship game by commenting on how attractive she was. Katherine Webb is a bonafied 10 and so are Brent Musburgers play by plays. Musburger is currently working in Vegas and calling the Oakland Raiders radio play by play.

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