ESPN has their FPI, Bill Connelly has his S&P+, and I, Ryan Mullican, have my Watchability Index. Known by some as the Windex, the watchability model has been an ongoing project this season. While in Beta, I would track an assortment of advanced stats that measure what makes a game fun, whacky, and worth watching.

You might ask, “Mully, what do you put in your Google Sheets Stew of Numbers?” Well, it all started before the season started. After looking at Week 1’s slate of games, I wondered…”wow, are any of these games going to be actually good?” So I started to nerd out on projections. But not just normal projections. Categories tracked were solely what made watching games fun and exciting. Sacks, explosive plays over 30 yards, teams that went for it on 4th Down and then those teams that actually converted it, Red Zone touchdowns over field goals, and defensive TDs are just some of what I conjured up.

Now before I release them, I’d like to preface this by saying the model rewards explosive plays, explosive players and high scoring. These were what I weighted the most, but across the board, nothing was weighted heavily over another category. I adjusted weight here and there throughout the season (waist sizes too tbh) to keep it up to date and after another wacky season…here are the final rankings, along with WatchaBowlity for the Holiday Season:

Final Season Rankings

Here’s how the season turned out. Like em? Hate it? Let me know and don’t be afraid to @ me. @DJMullyD

And finally the Watchabowlity. My #BowlSZN Watchability was taken by the average of each team’s fun score and averaged out. Mind you, these are not always the best teams or the most competitive games, rather the most likely to be exciting and wacky.


So here’s to a Happy #BowlSZN and making sure you don’t waste your time watching the Cactus Bowl. While I have the Outback Bowl here rated the lowest…I forgot to factor in the time honored tradition / competition of Free Bloomin’ Onion vs. Free Shrimp – I have failed you. Next year I will attempt to keep track of gimmicks and intangibles, akin to the NBA keeping track of hustle points. #DellyMagic

Until then, happy watching.



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