Saban pumps out head coaches like Phillip Rivers does kids.

Another year, another Alabama coordinator becoming a Head Coach. Who is it this time? OC Mike Locksley, who has been tabbed for the Maryland job. Locksley, who replaced Brian Daboll after year, who replaced Steve Sarkisian after a game, is in his first year as OC. If you have heard of Tua Tagovailoa, Locksley was (we think) a big part of that development this year. 

Having literally just won the Broyles award (top assistant coach) literally today, you can’t say he is undeserving. Of all the OC’s Saban has had the past few years, this is the biggest job one has gotten (sorry Lane). Of course, it is entirely possible that Tua is a generational talent, and this hire isn’t good, but hey, I am gonna be hopeful.

Granted, Locksley has HC experience. At New Mexico, he compiled a 2-26 record before being fired four games into his third season. Following this, Locksley was Maryland’s interim HC following Randy Edsall’s firing, where he lead the team to a 1-5 record. For his career, Locksley stands at 3-31. Ouch.

Interestingly enough, Locklsey campaigned for the job following the 2015 season. Of course, DJ Durkin was picked instead. According to reports, one of the main factors opposing Locksley was associate AD Damon Evans, you know, the guy who is now the AD. Sources have said that Evans and University President Wallace Loh were against Locksley once again in this cycle. Obviously, the boosters and the board won out. One has to wonder how much power those two actually have, with Loh retiring this upcoming summer, and he, Evans, and Durkin all but ignoring a dying athlete.

If nothing else, this is a safer hire for a Maryland administration that needed just that. Locksley is said to be well liked, and should help lead a team that was nearly fractured last year. In addition, his strong ties to the Maryland area that will certainly help recruiting, especially given how cautious parents will be of the program.

Once again Saban needs a new OC.

Look Nick, we gotta talk about getting you a new OC now. Obviously your new thing is the one year rental, so we have the perfect man for you. He’s actually just a trade with Maryland! Matt Canada never stays one place for more than a year, and apparently, always angers people. He’s like a less entertaining Lane. It’s either this or Petrino Nicky.

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