The tradition of the College Gameday guest picker is normally a positive experience for whatever clueless celebrity finds themselves next to Lee Corso on a beautiful Saturday morning. The guest makes some jokes, plugs their new song/movie or old highlights, and gets raucous cheers from the crowd when they finally pick the home team to win.

This was not the experience for the Chainsmokers Saturday morning.

Despite not being affiliated with the University of Michigan, the ESPN execs pulled a “How do you do, fellow kids?” and booked the EDM-pop duo as guests to appeal to the mainstream. This strategy has definitely worked well before (see: Katy Perry, 2014), but lightning did not strike twice with these two guests. Securing a guest spot after a bad and awkward appearance during their first time as guests two years ago was surprising. Maybe their manager thought this time would be different.

Spoiler: It wasn’t.

The Michigan crowd felt screwed out of a chance not to see a hometown favorite on Gameday, and they let the Chainsmokers know it. Every time one of the frat-bros would talk, they were met with a loud chorus of boos from the crowd. It didn’t help at all that the duo seemed to know nothing about any of the games being played; they picked Colorado over USC because they mention the city of Boulder in their song “Closer”.  If you’re going to be on the most-watched college football pregame show in the country, at least do some research first.

Twitter was not a fan:

Even when the guests picked Michigan, they were met with a tepid cheer from the crowd.

Their appearance was a complete and utter disaster. The Ann Arbor faithful rightfully let them have it for seemingly doing no research on any of the games, and hopefully, they won’t be on Gameday at any time in the future.

Do better ESPN execs. Do better.

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