Oh UCF Fans are Going to be Upset.

With the release of the first edition of the College Football Playoff, teams know where they stand going into the tail end of the season. Some fans have to be very excited while others, others are very sad. In light of the rankings coming out, I took a look at the Student Union Slack to get their responses.

Ohio State at #10

Boy, this one set off some debates. With both Kentucky and Washington State ranked ahead of the Buckeyes, our boy Anthony (@anthonyjvent1) was heated. With his main point being that WSU ain’t played nobody, and Purdue is the killer of worlds, who lost to Eastern Michigan. Also, Anthony is a closet USC fan. So now we need Purdue vs. USC in a bowl game to settle this once and for all.

UCF at #12

Honestly, I really just feel bad for @clemsoncarl here. The man has been fighting the good fight for UCF the past few days.

Annnnd then this ranking happens. Poor guy will now have even more arguments in his mentions. The UCF twitter mob (it exists) will be out for blood after this, and if UCF goes undefeated for a second year in a row (I don’t think they do) there will be hell to pay.

Kentucky over Ohio State.


This only got slightly heated. Kentucky over OSU is only slightly football anarchy. And while we can argue all we want, this gets settled this weekend with Georgia vs. Kentucky, and only then will UK maybe be blown out like Ohio State did.

Half the SEC is ranked

I mean….

LSU at #3


Mississippi State at #18

Okay, I might have been the only person excited about this.

Oh and here is the full rankings.

Everyone is very #madonline about these. Welcome back playoff committee, we missed you.

(P.S. UCF mafia, please don’t attack me, the Ohio State fans are already out for my blood.) 

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