Alright, so last weeks edition of The Flexbone featured my all-star backyard football team. This week I thought I’d change it up (ever so slightly) and toss out my dream entourage of College Football players/legends that I’d want to hang out with for the night. Keep in mind that this is my DREAM entourage… in no way do I ever expect these college legends to want to hang out with a crunchy looking blogger from Charleston like myself. But without further ado, lets get into it

Johnny Manziel – The Playa


A year or two ago, Johnny Football would have definitely been the straight up head-honcho of the group. But due to recent events that I don’t really feel like getting into (it’s been in the news enough anyways) he’s lost a little bit of his god-like presence. With that being said, I still have one hundred percent confidence that Johnny boy still pulls mad girls pretty much every night he goes out. The man is definitely a chick-magnet and is never short of options as to who he is taking home. The best part is with a guy like this in the crew, there is always bound to be some spill off for the rest of the boys.

Joshua Dobbs – The Brains


I promise you that labeling his role as “The Brains” was in no way a joke about his massive cranium… This mother fucker is actually really smart and has the accomplishments to back it up. The senior QB has finished his past 3 semesters with a 4.0, is majoring in Aerospace Engineering, and his mom claims that he has had perfect attendance since the second grade. It’s always a good thing to have a little bit of intelligence within the crew. You always need that guy who is smart enough to know when things are starting to get a little too reckless. So it’s great to have someone in the entourage who can get everyone out of the bar and into the uber before shit absolutely hits the fan. Also, most chicks really dig brainiacs…..Well brainiacs that are also the starting Quarterback’s on prestigious College Football teams.

Dorial Green-Beckham – The Stoner


It is an absolute must to have someone in your crew who always has bud to dish out to the boys, and for this entourage, Dorial is definitely our guy. He was suspended multiple times at Missouri for drug related activity and was arrested twice for the possession of pot/ “Smoking The Reefer”.


Anyways, all of those suspensions/arrests ended up leading to getting himself kicked out of the Missouri Football program, but if it counts for anything…he made my entourage (and still made it to the NFL). But all in all, its great to have that stoner in the group. Whether you need someone to smoke out the boys on a chill night, or come through in the morning to cure your hangover, a weed-man is an absolute essential to any entourage.

Steve Spurrier – The Play Maker


“What’s the move tonight?” is probably one of the most commonly asked questions among College kids. That’s why (as surprising as it sounds) a guy like the Ol’ Ball Coach is a guy you want in your crew…he always knows the right move in any given situation. You need a guy in the entourage who can figure out the game plan for the night. The Play Maker knows every happy-hour special in the city and knows exactly what time/which bar the crew should be heading towards at any given time. He also plans the pregame, arranges the uber’s and of course figures out where the best parties are. The Play Maker is also not afraid to cut someone from the line-up when they are too fucked up. Stevie Spur would definitely be the guy to call out your overly drunk friend and get him out of the bar before he has time to make a complete asshole of himself/the whole crew. Not to mention, The Ol’ Ball Coach could still probably fend pretty well for himself with the younger ladies.

Lamar Jackson – The Young Gun


It would just be dumb to not have currently one of the most dominant College Football players in my squad. Lamar Jackson has got everything going for him, he’s young, has a cannon of an arm, and the elusiveness of Bo Jackson in Tecmo Super Bowl. Not to mention he’s a front runner for the Heisman. With a guy like that in your entourage, there is no need to look for a party, the party always comes to you. The only problem is that Lamar is still only 19 years old, so we better hope he has a pretty solid fake I.D. or he might get left behind some nights.

Anyways, that’s my dream entourage of College Football players! Thanks for reading this weeks edition of The Flexbone and be sure to follow me on twitter @LiamSmith0 for updates on my latests articles and podcasts.