Gambling can become an addiction. As a former gambler, I don’t recommend it to anyone. The whole system is designed similar to how casinos or any form of gambling is designed. The bookies are there to make money for their boss and so on. That will not change now that it is legalized and is highly likely to be regulated in the near future.

There is, however, something worse than gambling. That would be gambling on college kids. I did most of my betting on college football and Major League Baseball, though I did mostly stick to college football. Betting on college kids is a wildly absurd concept. I’m in college. I make dumb decisions, like most college kids. I do this with a minimal amount of pressure compared to these guys who are on national TV playing a game that should mean way less to us than it does.

Collegiate athletes are prone to a myriad of mistakes on the football field. There are no ‘locks’ in betting and this is especially true of sports involving college kids. Sure, betting on college football is a ton of fun, however, it is one of the riskiest bets you can make. Any team can fall apart and lose to anyone. Parlays can seem enticing but I cannot stress how many times I have hit 4/5 bets on a parlay only to lose the game I was the most sure about.

Luckily, I only spent $100 in betting. Thanks to certain websites, making deposits ensured that I never ‘went under.’ That would have been dangerous. Betting your way out of the negative is one of the riskiest, dumbest things one can do.

In short, avoid betting college sports. Don’t lose money on the dumbest, most fantastic sport on the planet. Just enjoy it.

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