Another year and another heated matchup between the Palmetto State rivals of the Clemson Tigers and the South Carolina Gamecocks. If you grew up in South Carolina like myself, then you know just how important this annual matchup is to fans of Clemson and USC.  Forget about your conference championship, forget about the national championship, every year this is the first game each program circles on the calendar. It honestly doesn’t do the event justice to call it a game, these days it is more or less a matter of life or death. To prove the intensity of this rivalry, I put together a little video recapping last night’s game (and it’s pregame festivities.) All clips were sent to us by fans at the game so thanks to everyone for you contributions and making this video possible!

Final Score: Clemson 34, South Carolina, 10

Finally I have three major takeaways from that video/game.

1. Clemson is Legit.

2. South Carolina fans are absolute psychopaths (in the best possible way). Talk about a fanbase that loves their team..

3. Props to Clemson for enduring such a hostile environment. Williams-Brice looks like absolute hell for anyone wearing orange.

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