We were so close to a death match.

Today’s Florida-Vanderbilt already wasn’t going how most of us expected, being that Vandy was out to a 21-10 lead towards the end of the first half. Then, the wheels fell completely off. After a targeting call against Florida on a punt return, the trio of Dan Mullen, Todd Grantham, and Derek Mason lost their collective minds.

Of course, this is not the first time Grantham has been involved in a situation like this. Grantham, then the DC at Georgia, previously got into with Mason’s predecessor at Vanderbilt, James Franklin. This event led to Mark Richt referring to Grantham as a “dumbass”, so obviously the precedent is there. Grantham has a reputation as an “angry blitzer” so it makes sense that he is an irritable man in the flesh as well.

This looks like one mean tag-team right here. Mullen, who generally never gets too heated, looks like he is ready to kill someone. Keep in mind that this is while a player is being helped off the field, so yes, great look for everyone involved. This all being said, if there is one man who could defeat these two, he was standing on the other sideline.

LOOK AT THIS MAN. He is ready to fight a baby shark. If we could have a cage match of all the SEC coaches, my money would absolutely be on Mason. You don’t survive at Vanderbilt without killing someone (usually Tennessee).  The benches also cleared, and a few personal fouls were given, but no royal rumble happened between players.

Following this, the game went to halftime, and the game ended in a 37-27 victory for Florida. By the post-game, it seemed that fortunately (unfortunately?) cooler heads had prevailed: 

Sadly, no coach fight this week (so far). But if I was a betting man, and I am, I would be willing to wager it will involve “the dumbass” Todd Grantham.

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