It seems as if this is the question surrounding the PAC 12 every year, “What is their problem?” Every year it seems as if the so called ‘Conference of Champions’ is left just watching from the sidelines as the other Power 5 conferences are striving and thriving. It seems as if the PAC 12 is always struggling against other Power 5 competition.


Cal 24 – UNC 17

Colorado 33 – Nebraska 28

Arizona State 16 – Michigan State 13


UCLA 21- Oklahoma 49

USC 14 – Texas 37

Oregon St 31 – Ohio State 77

Washington 16 – Auburn 21


Now I know it’s only seven games against P5 teams, and I respect the three wins especially the dub against Michigan State at the beginning of the year when they were full strength. If the PAC 12 wants to earn nationwide respect though, they have to beat the top teams. Washington lost to what ended up being a really bad Auburn team. I don’t think any of us expected Oregon State to really compete with Ohio State as much as they did. USC and Texas was a game where they both ended up on opposite sides of the spectrum, I think there was some hype revolving around the Trojans where Texas was coming off of their second loss to Maryland in as many years. I’ll be a bit more lenient to UCLA due to the fact that the Sooners ended up making the playoff. 

Until the PAC 12 can win some of those big games, I think I’ll take my chances considering the Mountain West the fifth Power Five conference over the “Conference of L’s.”

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